Tired of Tapas, Tinto and Madrid City Tours? Try These Incredible Novel Activities Instead


Madrid is full of great bars, museums, clubs, parks and restaurants but every now and again it’s fun to switch up the scene. Don’t worry, at no point will rock climbing and pub crawling be mentioned in this read. There are, without a doubt, more adventures to be had in (and above) the charming and warm city of Madrid. Here are some novel activities that can spice up your weekly itinerary.

Check Out Chamberi’s Ghost Station

You might not have known this, but the neighborhood of Chamberi is home to a Ghost Station museum– one that you might have glimpsed in passing on the metro Line 1 between the stops, Bilbao and Iglesia! Of course, it isn’t really haunted…but the oozing walls, dim lights, rusty turnstiles and old advertisements might make you think otherwise. They have daily tours, but book your ticket in advance because this experience fills up fast!

Take the Strawberry Train to Arranjuez

I’m sure you’ve heard of the A-Train but have you heard of the Strawberry Train? This is a lesser known experience that takes you on a charming journey out to Arranjuez in a vintage train much like the one from Harry Potter. If you want to feel like you’re in 1930s Madrid and learn a bit about history, this is a perfectly delightful day excursion for just €27. The train leaves just 4 minutes from Delicias station right near Atocha. You must take the Strawberry Train!


Go Surfing at Honna

The last place you’d expect to go surfing in Spain is Madrid, but believe you me…anything is possible. Just a train ride away in Alcorcon is Madrid’s surf club, Honna which gives weekly classes all day long for €39. After surfing, you can kick back and have a few cocktails. Honna even has a surfing community available for wave enthusiasts in the city!



Try Tunnel Flying

Just a cercania train ride away is HiFly Madrid. If you want to learn how to sky dive without the burden of falling from a 20,000 ft in the sky or if you want to learn how to do tunnel flying choreography, this wind tunnel is the place for you! They also coordinate events for frequent flyers. If you’re serious about this wildly adventurous past time, you can even enroll as a recurring student to hone you praxis as a high flyer!



Have a Drink at The Oldest Restaurant in the World (and explore the wine cellars)

Sobrino de Botin is just a meander away from Plaza Mayor and it is the oldest restaurant in the world. Not only that, but it has a centuries old wine cellar on the ground floor that is open to visitors and patrons! This is a culinary and historical experience all in one! Space is available upon reservation!




Smile for the Camera at Ikono!

You might have seen this one on your friend’s Instagram page when they posted themselves in a ball pit. Ikono is a an iconic and eclectic photo adventure in a vibey fun house that’s giving off Squid Games and Yayoi Kusama. If you’re looking to be playful for just €15, take your friends and throw yourself a photo party! IKONO’s many rooms are an unforgettable experience, perfect for birthdays or just a Saturday out with friends.



Throw Some Axes… No Experience Needed

At El Hachazo, you can learn how to throw axes over a nice cold beer. Perfect your throwing dexterity because you might have to compete against another party to see who’s a better thrower. Learn how to throw all kinds of weighted axes with an experienced coach… or go for the blissful joys of looking stupid in front of your date.




Have a Burger and Skate

Not only can you skate, grove, and have a bite to eat at in Rolling Dance & Burger but you can also take classes in the evening to excel in your skating ability. Rolling Dance& Burger is located just above Chamartin Metro. It’s disco balls and diner booths will take you all the way back to the 70s!




Take a Cable Car to Casa de Campo

You can take a Cable Car to Casa de Campo. You may not see a view of the city but you will see a gorgeous view of the park. The car runs just near Lago (Lake and swimming pool) so be sure to bring a swimming suit or at least a picnic blanket with you!


Take A Bath… You Heard Me! 

Part of embracing Spanish culture is embracing Arabic culture too! So if you haven’t done an Arabic bath,  Hammam Al Andalus is an Arabic bathhouse that has 3 locations in all of Spain, including Madrid. You can escape the hustle and bustle of Madrid by taking a Hammam (Arabic Bath) for €120.




Take a Hot Air Balloon Over Guadarrama 

This one might break the bank… but yes, oh yes, you can fly over Parque de Guadarrama in a hot air balloon. If you want to join in on the brunch afterward, you can even drink champagne and have a charcuterie after landing. While this experience runs itself for nearly €200, it is the perfect finale to a stay in Madrid… and a fabulous birthday experience to any expat or Madrileno in the city who doesn’t mind a periodic splurge.




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