How To Make Your Youtube Video Better

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Usually, a smart phone is enough to make a video for Youtube. But if you want to improve the quality of your video, there are a lot of factors that will affect it. Here are the tips to make your Youtube video better step by step.

Step 1: Lighting

Lighting is almost the most important part. You will look clearer if you adjust the lighting right and it will make you gain more viewers because no one will want to look at a dark screen. You can also use a light ring if you are sitting while recording the video. If they can see you clearly, it means you are one step ahead.

Step 2: The Background

If you want your viewers to focus on you, you should prefer a sightly and simple background. It might just be a white wall, or a bookshelf full with books. You can also use a green screen. You can choose anything, just be careful that it is not straining the eyes and taking the attention from you.

 Step 3: The Camera

To record qualified videos, you need a fine camera. So, you can either use your smart phone’s camera or a professional camera. It is up to you and your budget. But, of course, it is recommended to use a 4K camera if you have enough budget.

Step 4: The Camera Angle

The place that you put your camera is as important as the camera itself. You should adjust it perfectly, so the viewer can see you from the best angle.

Step 5: The Microphone

You do not have to use one but if it fits to your budget, you can use a background sound blocking microphone. It will help the viewer to hear you more clearly. If you do not have enough budget to buy one, you can choose the best one of the ones that have the lowest price or use your smart phone to record your voice.

Step 6: The Content

It is the most important step. You must choose a content that will draw attention. People must click on your video when they see it. You should also be unique, not repeat the others’ content. If there is no other video like yours, you will probably have plenty of views and likes. And do not forget to produce content frequently. If you do it often, the viewers’ focus will stay on you.

Step 7: Research

You should definitely do some research about your content and know all of the details about it. To give an example; if someone who makes videos about true crime does not know about the details, they can’t transfer the information properly.

You should also keep track of the types of video that get views around your topic, different video styles and the length of these videos.

Step 8: Length

This is the second most important step. The video must be in such a perfect length that the viewers will not get bored. You should adjust it carefully, otherwise they might stop watching.

Step 9: The Title

You should choose a title that will draw attention. The viewers must click on it when they see it. But the title should not contain clickbait because that might cause you to lose viewers. It must contain keywords and describe what it is the video. It must also not be too long.


Also, do not forget to crop the parts that you find boring or you do not talk at all. It is really important to do it to keep the viewer’s attention on you. Your video must be fluent. So does your speaking. Relax and trust yourself. Confidence is the key here. The more the viewers see your confidence, the more subscribers you will get.

After completing these steps above, there will be nothing holding you back.

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