Vigo: more than a Christmas destination

Vigo is a coastal city located in the North-West of Spain, in the South-West of the region called ‘Galicia’ that borders with Portugal. It is well known for its numerous Christmas lights. Its Mayor, Abel Caballero, participated in nearly every Spanish newscast and talk show in the months prior to Christmas advertising Vigo’s decoration in order to attract as many tourists as possible. And he manages year after year to do so, claiming that “not even New York can compete” and that “the lights can be seen from the International Space Station”.

Source: Turismo de Vigo

But Vigo is not all about Christmas. It is a great destination throughout the year for many reasons: its warm weather, its nature, its marina, its seafood, its people, its events, its sunsets, etc.

Nature in Vigo

The Cies Islands, part of the Atlantic Islands National Park, are a little paradise in the estuary of Vigo. You can take a 40-minute boat trip from the port of Vigo and you will arrive to Rodas beach, recognized as one of the best beaches in the world.

Source: Kerala Viajes
Source: Turismo de Galicia

Once you get there you can just sunbathe and relax by the sea –swimming is for the brave because the water is really cold– or you can go hiking to the lighthouses.

Seafood in Vigo

If you are a foodie and enjoy tasting the typical food from the places you visit, Vigo is definitely for you. Not only because there are some culinary delights that you probably will not find anywhere else but also because of the quality of the seafood from Vigo estuary.

In the old city centre –nearby the port– you can find an area named A Pedra with the best restaurants to taste the freshest fish and shellfish like:

Source: Tripadvisor

Events in Vigo

Some great cultural events that can be enjoyed in Vigo are the free concerts in Castrelos park and in the rooftop of Mar de Vigo theatre while the sun goes down.

Another big celebration held in Vigo is the Reconquista, con the 28th of May, commemorating the conquest of the city back from the French invaders. There are some plays and representations of the battles where people dresses up like back in 1809.


Last but not at all least: O Marisquiño. This huge urban culture and street sports event is being held in Vigo since 2001. The main sports are Skate, BMX and Break Dance with competitors from all over the world. There are also graffiti contests, giveaways from urban apparel, street food stalls and some more.

Since 2017 it can be also watched on streaming in more than 50 countries.

Sunsets in Vigo

A picture is worth a thousand words so:

Source: The Fun Plan

There many great spots to see the sunset in Vigo: O castro, Samil, Patos beach, etc. The colours will vary depending on the season, the weather, the clouds, etc. but the view of the sun going down in Vigo estuary is indescribable.




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