Discovering Baltic Countries

Quite a few people know about what traveling looks like around the Baltic Countries. Everyone knows USA or Italy but how about Baltic Countries on the map 😊 Let’s discover these countries both full of rich historical and fairytale.  

 What are Baltic Countries:  

 Baltic countries situated in northeastern europe and bounded by Baltic Sea from the west this is why Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania named as Baltic countries.   

 –  One Fairytale In Estonia  

 If you want to feel the vibe of medieval times, Estonia  is a good chice for you. Estonia is a mix between a highly-modernized way of life surrounded by medieval artefacts. Compared to Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia has a culture much closer to the one in Scandinavia. The best time to visit Estonia is during the summer time, May or June would be perfect choice. 

 Estonia has highest alcohol consumption per capita both among the Baltic countries and throughout the whole Europe. That’s why you can find very funny and drunk people at street 😍  

 Beside this, nationals form many different live in Estonia, particularly in the capital city of Tallinn and Tartu. I would like to share one of my moments in Tallinn, I bought something at supermarket and cashier has asked my nationality and later replied  “Merhaba (Hello in Turkish)”, This was one of the most beautiful moments I had, therefore  you can certainly believe how welcoming people live in there. 

  • The most beautiful old town in Tallinn 

When visiting city center of Tallinn, you should be careful of falling in love. Also, UNESCO agree with us because the Old Town honorably sits in the heritage list.  

Street view, artcihitecture, colorful doors and more. You can take a picture every step and imagine yourself in your story. This town will make you dreamer. 

  • Tallinn Town Wall 

The place to reveal your knightly spirit and make you experience a medieval scene here is with castle and surrounding historical buildings. After  discovered this amazing scene you can continue with Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform. You’ll find “ The Times We Had Wall” and beautiful city view from up. This place will bring you all times you lived while you’re enjoying the horizon of Tallinn.   

 *This place located on the Northern side of Toompea Hill, you can find on map as write this adress easily 😊 

-St. Catherine’s Passage 

Continue to travel in back time with passage. It has survived , only with a few changes in over 400 years. Beside this St. Catherine’s Passage is known its workshops such as jeweleries, goldsmiths and shops with glass artwork.. The most beautiful things are handmade and you can see all traditional manufacturing processes of the Estonian culture.    

  – Telliskivi Creative City 

We have always been talking about how medieval effects is in Tallinn but this city more different than medieval times but if you like fancy aesthetics places, Telliskivi Creative City is perfect for you. Plenty of creative start-up companies, restaurants, small stores and galeries. Besides all of this visual feast, there has more than 800 different culture events. Yes you read correctly, more than 800 😊 And here is one perfect website before you decide to visit Telliskivi Creative City, 

Important Note: 

First go to Tourism Center and pick up a map show city’s infrastructure and all the famous  places and monuments around Tallinn City. Distances are within the walking distance and can be reached easily. Enjoy your time travel.  

 – We will continue with other two Baltic Countries 🙂 

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