5 Tips for Healthy and Fast Hair Growth

5 Tips for Healthy and Fast Hair Growth

Reduce the use of hot tools.

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what is fast hair growth? In the awkward hair phases you encounter on your hair growth journey, you may reach for hot tools such as tongs and blow dryers to straighten your hair a little, but when you expose your hair to high temperatures to straighten those strands, you will cause more damage to your hair while trying to straighten it. Nick Stenson, hair stylist of Matrix, says that not using such tools while the hair is growing is the best way to protect the hair from heat damage.

The occasional blow dryer won’t ruin the whole process, of course, but you should still remember to use a hair protector against heat. According to Branch, the best drying method is to let the hair dry naturally on its own. If you apply heat to your hair every day, you can cut your hair and give it time to recover a little.

Moisturise your hair.

Effective Hair Growth Care Products

You must have heard this before: Healthy hair grows faster. At the same time, hair that is well nourished and in good condition not only looks longer and fuller, but also prevents breakage that prevents hair growth. So the number one rule of hair growth is moisture, especially if you have easily split ends. By applying moisturising and nourishing creams to your hair, you can ensure that your hair traps moisture and improves its quality.

Purify your scalp.

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Purifying and moisturising the scalp is a must for healthy hair. After all, hair starts to grow from the hair follicles. When you do not cleanse your scalp thoroughly, dirt, oil or shampoo residues accumulated in the hair follicles clog the hair follicles and prevent hair growth. According to hair stylist Shab Reslan, this blockage can cause the hair follicles to suffocate, affecting your hair quality and growth rate.

Another important point is to use a good shampoo when cleansing your hair. These products may vary according to the type of scalp. Some need moisture because they have a dry scalp, and some need anti-greasy products because they have an oily scalp. But one way or another, everyone needs a gentle wash applied regularly.

Use supportive supplements for Fast hair growth

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Supplementing internally as well as externally is an excellent way to promote healthy hair growth. After all, hair growth is a process that works from within the hair follicles. According to O’Connor, biotin-containing supplements are a great source of additional nutrients. This is because biotin provides the body with certain amino acids that form keratin. Since keratin is the number one substance that builds hair fibres, research shows that low levels of biotin are associated with hair loss. In addition to the famous B vitamin, collagen also provides the body with keratin-building amino acids, so studies suggest that these supplements support hair growth.

Regularly trim the ends of your hair.

Although cutting the forked ends of the hair does not benefit the hair follicles, it is a necessary measure to prevent the formation of fractures that cause slow hair growth. Whether you take a little off the ends of your hair or cut it a little longer, it’s completely up to you!

According to Stenson, regular trimming helps to minimise the unstable phases of the hair and promotes faster hair growth. You may be wondering if the hair doesn’t grow faster with fewer cuts and this suggestion may seem a bit counterintuitive, but think of it as a necessary step to grow your hair healthy and evenly.

How can you style your hair as it grows?

Even if you’ve done away with the hot tools you use to style your hair while it grows, that doesn’t stop you from having fun styling your hair in other ways! Branch recommends playing with your hair. You can try parting your hair in different directions from the way you wear it, and use fun hair accessories like barrettes and headbands to style your hair. At the same time, O’Connor adds, “bangs always look stylish on short hair, whether it’s curly or straight hair.”

In conclusion, although it takes some time to grow short hair, there are many ways to speed up this process and make you look stylish at every stage of your hair. So don’t forget to keep these suggestions in mind to speed up the growth of your hair and get through its unformed phases in the best way!


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