Farewell to Tired Hair from Summer: Revitalising Natural Hair Mask

Farewell to Tired Hair from Summer: Revitalising Natural Hair Mask

Hair consists of protein molecules called keratin, which are resistant to breakage and abrasion. With the processes applied to the hair, environmental factors and aging, the keratin in the structure of the hair gradually decreases and the hair begins to lose its vitality. Seasonal change comes at the beginning of environmental factors. In the summer season, the hair wears out due to the sea, sun and pool. The hair, which dries and loses moisture over time, weakens and starts to fall out with the new seasonal conditions.

The autumn season is the time when hair loss is the most intense and the hair needs the most care. During this transition period, vitamin and mineral support should not be neglected internally, and the hair should be given the necessary moisture and care externally.

Check out this very practical and revitalising natural hair mask recipe for tired hair from summer!

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Ingredients of Natural Hair Mask

  • 3 tablespoons cold pressed coconut oil
  • 1 ampoule vitamin B12


Coconut oil softens the hair, deeply moisturises, nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens against hair loss. As a result of all these, it gives your hair a smoother appearance and allows it to grow faster. Vitamin B12, one of the B complex vitamins, is important for important biological processes such as metabolism, DNA, red blood cell production. Vitamin B deficiency is one of the most important causes of hair loss. B12 deficiency slows down genome replication (replicating itself and surviving by entering new host cells), which in turn slows down hair production or stops hair growth. Vitamin B12 strengthens the hair follicles, regenerates the cells and allows the development of new hair strands.

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Mix coconut oil and vitamin B12 until you get a homogeneous mixture. Ta-da! That’s it. Our hair mask is ready!

Massage the mixture evenly, first on the roots of the hair and then from the roots to the ends. After applying the mask, comb your hair and wrap it with cling film for better absorption of the mask. Apply the mask regularly, one night a week and leave it on until morning.

Finally, if you pour the shampoo before wetting your hair in the shower, the oil will be removed from the hair much more easily.

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