What Should Be Done Before Coloring the Hair?

In our article, we will talk about what to do before dyeing hair. First of all, your hairdresser should be a good choice to be able to entrust your hair, or the last situation may result in regret. Your hair can be quite worn out when the bleaching process is called the dyeing process. This can cause your hair to grow unhealthy and even worse, it can cause your hair to burn and break. Of course, we do not want this situation. Therefore, when it comes to your hair, you should choose very well. Someone who specializes in hair coloring will make your job much easier and will never let you leave the hairdresser unhappy. Therefore, for both your happiness and the health of your hair, choose professional and knowledgeable people. If you wish, let’s take a look at the rest of our article and take a look at what needs to be considered before dyeing your hair. At least, you can be more or less familiar with the stages when you choose a hairdresser knowing your job and knowingly. Knowing about the process you are going to do will always take you one step ahead.

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Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

In this part of our article, we will discuss what a hairdresser should pay attention to or pay attention to before dyeing your hair. A skilled hairdresser should operate without burning the hair. So, which hair dye is healthier to process without burning your hair? Do you know what materials to use? If you work with an expert, he will answer all of your questions in the most correct way for you. Should you have a keratin treatment after they dyed your hair? What kind of maintenance do you apply? Before the expert opinion, if you wish, take advantage of our opinion and gain knowledge. Let’s examine together what needs to be considered before you dye your hair.

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First of all, your hair does not have to be freshly washed and clean in order for the bull to go well.

When it is not clean, the dye penetrates the hair much faster.

It should be thoroughly combed before being painted.

Analysis should be done for the hair color you want.

Hagi paints should be mixed in the right proportion and should be known very well.

How much your hair wears after dyeing should be analyzed.

If it is a model that will wear out a lot, it should warn you in advance.

It should inform you about the process before and after painting.

If the hair color you have chosen is not suitable for you, this should be stated.

They should part your hair in the right proportion.

Before starting the dyeing process, a towel and apron should be put on so that in case of any mishap, your clothes will not get dyed.

Vaseline should be applied on your forehead, ears, behind your ears and on your neck.

Is Hair Care Done Before or After Coloring?

When is hair care done in this part of our article? When is it done after painting? We will talk about whether it is done before or after. If you want to have both care and dyeing of your hair, you must first have your dye done and then have your care done. If you want to dye your hair color especially in platinum or blonde, we definitely recommend that you have a keratin treatment after the dyeing process. Keratin care is the best care for your damaged hair. It will both strengthen, restore its shine and protect it against wear.


When is Hair Coloring Not Done?

In this part of our article, we will talk about when hair dyeing is not done. Is it possible to dye hair without burning it? Well, if you want answers to all of your questions when not to dye hair, it is possible to reach them in the continuation of our article.


Hairdressers do not recommend dyeing when your hair is freshly washed and clean.

Hairdressers do not recommend dyeing hair during menstruation. If the hair is dyed during the menstrual period, the dye does not hold.

It is inconvenient for pregnant women to dye their hair. In this case, hair dyeing is not done.

If you have a sensitive and damaged scalp, the hair treatment is not recommended.

If you have acne, etc. on your skin, dyeing is not recommended until it passes.

How Long Does the Hair Coloring Process Take on Average?

How long does the hair dyeing process take in this part of our article, what is the average washing time? Is hair dyed before or after menstruation? You can find out all the answers to your questions and much more by reading our entire article. What is the duration of the hair dyeing process? How much will it take? Let’s examine it together. Your hair should not be freshly washed and clean. It is not recommended to dye hair during or just before the menstrual period. The hair dyeing process takes an average of 1.5 hours. Except for the bleaching process, we are only talking about the hair dyeing process. When the hair removal process is included, the time is much longer.

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