How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Marketing Strategy in the Future

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Marketing Strategy in the Future

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Marketing Strategy in the Future

Sales and marketing teams are always looking for ways to get more leads and more sales. And with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it seems like there’s a new tool that can promise them just that. But what’s really possible with AI for sales and marketing?

First, let’s define artificial intelligence and understand how it will benefit the UAE marketplace.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capability of having programmed computers and computers that are controlled by robots to complete tasks that are intelligent.

Now coming to the reasons for proposing my ideas. First, it is behind the increase in people’s annoyance with salespeople in the malls or over the telephone.

Second, it is because of the increase of fake reviews on the internet praising products and services that aren’t up to standards.

Simply, my first idea is to create a tool that can collect information from people’s images and videos. Then give this information to marketers to understand people’s needs and wants and deliver satisfaction better than ever.

In particular, this tool that uses AI will translate moments, places, expressions, and objects in the pictures and videos into words humans can understand. Thus, marketers can develop ideas that can benefit people.

For example, if this new tool gives marketers information from people’s pictures and videos that there’s an increase in going to water games, they can as result invent better sunscreens for protecting people from the sun.

Marketers in this case will think outside the box rather than having their products pushed to the customers in pharmacies to make sales. They will pull customers to them with the use of AI instead of pushing their products or services.

My second idea is to invent a tool that can allow people who only have digital proof of using specific products or services to leave a review on the internet.

This new tool will not post questionable reviews that don’t benefit prospective customers who clearly have specific needs to be met.

Therefore, it will only allow helpful and detailed reviews. Indeed, the two tools’ priority is to maintain all people’s privacy.

I hope that these two tools that I have proposed will benefit people and will not have any negative impacts.

In the end, the use of AI will make the marketing process not only effective but also efficient by satisfying customers’ needs and saving time and money at the same time.

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