5 Banned Books of Contemporary Literature

We become curious and question when there is censorship on some books. And here are some examples of banned books of contemporary literature. The reason why they have been admitted to censorship is that they depict real-life events, mostly concentrating on minor groups of society such as blacks, queer individuals, or women.

“I am Jazz” by Jazz Jennings and Jessica Hertel banned books

It is a children’s book released in 2014. The book is an autobiographical work of the co- writer herself, Jazz Jennings, in which she tells about her own queer experience when she was a kid. Although Jazz is born a boy, she begins to consider herself a girl later on. Because of the illustrations and depictions of the transgender character in the book, it has been on the list of banned books and it has been put away in most schools in recent years.  

“Lucky” by Alice Sebold  

The book belongs to the memoir genre published in 1999.  The author tells about the unfortunate rape incident that she experienced at the age of eighteen. The reason why thebook has been forbidden is that it contains graphic descriptions of the tragic rape incident. After this unlucky experience, the author has become traumatized and outcasted herself even from her closest ones.   

What is strange about the book is that Sebold – without knowing – reported an innocent man as her rapist. However, the truth came out later on. The real culprit got arrested and sentenced to sixteen years in prison.  

”Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany D. Jackson  

The novel is based on the true stories of some black girls who happen to miss suddenly. Instead of being investigated they are ignored by the police. One of the girls, named Monday – of the title – does not cto ome school anymore. So, one of the friends of this missing girl becomes worried and calls the police. Unfortunately, nothing is made to find her. The novel can be read from the angle of the ongoing racism against black minorities by white-dominant cultures or countries. Because the novel demonstrates how black people are ignored or discriminated in today’s world, it has been banned in schools to cover up the guilt of dominanices.   

“Dear Martin” by Nic Stone  

The novel is also one of the banned books that was published in 2017 and it is for young adults. The book was written after the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis by a white man at the gas station. The title of the novel and the name of the protagonist ‘Justyce’ both explain the core subject of the novel. The black boy calls for help from  Martin Luther King, Jr. and demands justice by writing a letter to him. Due to the political criticism and witty tone of the novel, it has been banned in several schools.  

“We Are the Ants”  by Shaun David Hutchinson  

 The book is an example of science-fiction telling about the end of the world. The protagonist Henry tragically loses his boyfriend to suicide. Later on, Henry is kidnapped by aliens and he has to save the world. However, he is unable to decide whether to save the world or not as he feels void after his traumatic loss. The novel is banned in schools due to the horrible event of committing suicide and beyond that, the narration of the queer relationship.  




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