6 important tips for yoga beginners

Yoga beginners


Students who are yoga beginners you are in the right place! Every day a new scientific study is published on the benefits of yoga for our health. If you have been influenced by all these developments and decided to start yoga, you are happy! Students who are new to yoga should pay attention to some points. Here are the details you need to know in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga for life.

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1. Don’t compare yourself with others


When you walk into a yoga class, don’t get frustrated by the practice of the other students around you. Even the most seemingly simple poses can take time to deepen. So instead of giving up and saying “I’m not flexible”, try to make time to practice yoga regularly every day and focus only on your own breathing and practice.


2. Enjoy every moment for yoga beginners


Taking small steps every day on the way to the most challenging poses and gradually getting stronger will remind you of the effort and effort you put in when you can do these challenging poses, and the pleasure will be completely different. Focus on your breathing in the most difficult moments and enjoy every moment of the yoga path you are exploring.


3. Let your breath make everything easier


You have pushed yourself to get into a difficult pose and you have succeeded. However, if at this point your breath is stuck and not flowing freely, then it is best to take a step back. Instead, it’s best to stay in touch with your breath and your body, to be in a space where you can breathe easily and try to expand your boundaries.

4. Remember that yoga is not just about seemingly impossible poses


If you feel like you can’t do yoga because you can’t do the poses that require a lot of flexibility and strength right away, give up now. Because yoga is not just about yoga poses that look cool on Instagram, and they are not the only way to implement it into your life. Get on your mat every day and take the time to explore.


5. Don’t be surprised when you experience different emotions


What we feel emotionally and the intensity, the pressure is stored in our physical body. Especially in the hips and shoulders. When you practice poses that open and relax these areas with awareness, you may be in tears with the effect of this intensity and the feeling of lightness. At such a moment, don’t be angry with yourself, don’t suppress your emotions. On the contrary, embrace them. Give yourself permission to relax and let go.


6. Take time for the last rest pose


In yoga studios, the last 10 minutes of the class is usually devoted to Savasana, the final rest pose. However, if you are practicing on your own at home, then make sure to stay in the last rest pose for at least 5-10 minutes. It may feel like just lying down and doing nothing, but this is one of the most important yoga poses. Don’t skip this pose to help you digest the whole class.


Have a healthy, peaceful and yoga-filled day!



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