From Soft Living to the Circadian Cycle: 7 Recent Wellness Trends that Stand Out

Wellness trends

In a world where health and happiness are becoming more and more important, wellness trends (all the activities that lead to holistic health)  are also changing. We now strive to make time for ourselves and to achieve a balance between our bodies and our minds.

In this new era, the media has finally realized that a healthy lifestyle is not limited to exercise and diet. Our mental health is affected by many issues from technology to natural living, sustainability to self-care. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most prominent wellness trends of recent times!

Soft life

We start our list of wellness trends with soft living. Nowadays, most trends are emerging thanks to TikTok. Maybe it has something to do with the nature of the platform, but these trends often fade in and out very quickly. As such, it’s hard to tell which ones are really good.

The ‘Soft’ life trend, which emerged in the last days of 2022, is basically about slowing down, calming down and doing less. When the hustle and bustle of life is already fast, the ‘excess’ tires us out. The soft living trend emphasizes being kind to yourself and others, being able to say “no”, resting and relaxing. Well, we love this idea!

2. Circadian cycle

If you can’t wake up every morning without snoozing your alarm, this trend is for you! The circadian cycle means the repetition of biological rhythms in a specific process. Many physiological processes such as falling asleep, waking up, changing body temperature and hormone secretion take place in our body.

To adjust this rhythm, you can start by regulating your sleep and wakefulness. You can also help regulate the circadian cycle by exercising and taking brisk walks during the day, giving up coffee in the afternoon and taking a hot shower before going to bed at night. The most important of these steps is to have a consistent morning and evening sleep schedule.

3. Skin care from the inside out

Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? All the food that goes into your body will manifest itself one way or another. This is especially true for our skin. Sudden pimples, dullness, oiliness or dryness are often caused by the wrong diet. So, what should we do?

In the trend of “skin care from the inside out”, we pay attention to the food that enters our bodies and do not eat everything. We need to know which foods provide what benefits. Of course, you will not study in detail like a lesson, don’t worry! For example, fresh seasonal greens, fruits and collagen-rich bone broth will be very, very good for your skin.


4. Financial health


When you have money in your hand, it’s hard not to spend it, isn’t it? With new pieces constantly trending, it feels like our wardrobes are inevitably getting old. This year, it’s time to think about the health of your wallet as much as your body! The question “Do I really need this?” comes into our lives and we think twice before buying anything!

Spending money makes you happy because it releases serotonin into your brain, yes, but this lasts for a very short time and after a while it turns into addiction. That’s why we shop consciously. You can do this by keeping a financial diary for a month, and you can also check your bank frequently and take notes. Even you will be surprised at how much you spend.

5. Think positive

Our country suffered a terrible earthquake this year, and the pandemic is only two or three years old. As such, it is not difficult to succumb to negative thoughts. Many people are suffering from burnout syndrome. This year, we are recognizing and changing self-destructive thoughts. Instead of letting them harm us, we are moving towards rewarding ourselves.

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6. Karezza method

Karezza is a method of sexual intercourse. Sexologists praise this practice because it brings couples closer together. In this method, you slow down intercourse and focus on pleasure through touching, caressing, sometimes even just looking.

Karezza aims to deepen feelings of love, commitment and compassion along with sexual energy. This is a really great method, especially if sexuality has become a routine in the hustle and bustle of life.

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7. Flexible working

We have come to the end of our list of wellness trends. This trend is for you if you are under work stress not only during your working days, but even when you are not at work. First of all, you need to stop thinking about work as soon as you leave work. When was the last time you focused on yourself and didn’t feel guilty about it?

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