Will Netflix Win: 2022 Challenge Between Video Streaming Platforms


In busy life flow, we would like to run away from stress, responsibilities, sadness, madness, and more things that push us to different worlds. For this point, we’re jumping into the digital world like Netflix. Watching movies, looking at funny videos, and surfing the internet, shortly we transfer to our imagination world. Does it sound bad? Of course not, we need to be charged πŸ™‚ But the problem is we have many options in there and sometimes taking a decision so hard πŸ™‚


Just imagine, you’ll watch a movie and are trying to find a good movie between too many options then you decided to sleep instead of watching πŸ™‚ Because deciding on the movie takes more time than watching. If you decide which movie you’ll watch, you’re a wise person to me and I respect you a lot.

Last few days in Turkey, we’re talking about Disney Plus being here anymore and saw many funny tweets about their competition. But one reality is they lost many subscribers in over 10 years. According to The Information, it’s losing long-standing subscribers. Let’s discuss the digital movie sector with it in this article and then choose our side πŸ™‚

How Did Netflix Gain Popularity That Much?

The idea is born in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. In the beginning, It was a movie rental platform. People were ordering and they were sending their offers DVD version by e-mail. It has always big competitor since it was founded. These times, its competitor was Blockbuster. They noticed that have to do different things to jump. That’s why decided to launch the website. With this step, it turned from e-mailing offers to choosing on its website for subscribers. This was the biggest attack by them to create a big watching library. It had under 1000 titles but progress looks good.

One of the reasons that it’s gained more popularity than other competitors is its ability to adapt to changing technology. Just imagine you started with renting and then are improving your business which people watch from every device. That’s why founders already know how they can answer people’s needs πŸ™‚ But this isn’t the only one. It has excellent marketing strategies to show itself from print marketing to digital marketing. Let’s look at closer some of them;

  • Choosing original programming integral to the platform: It has many good and different kinds of topics there( it’s changing nowadays, we’ll look at this below). People would like to watch and experience new tastes, so it supports this. And here you can check different tastes is, Russian Doll

  • Meme Marketing: This is the biggest strategy of it. Meme marketing includes funny content and makes a sensation among people. It shares episodes and presents them with funny memes on social media channels. This ensures to engage the subscribers and join the new ones. Because people would like to know jokings πŸ™‚

  • Personalized Movie Recommendations: It sends an e-mail for tv series/movie offers you may like. Sometimes this is so helpful to choose what we watch, giving an idea for watching at night to feel relax, whatever reason can be but the result is it’s working on people a lot.
  • Specific things that describe: Everyone knows it sounds ta-dum in starting of movies for example. Or popular sentence is Netflix and chill”(this is also used in many flirting :D) These are making people closer to it because it’s everywhere in people’s lives.


Shortly, they know their audiences very well, follow trends, and even create trendthemselveslf. Now it’s losing many subscribers but it doesn’t mean it is an unsuccessful business, this is one of the best success stories. So what’s happening now? Did they quit following audiences after gaining popularity that much or digressed from its beginning way? Let’s see!

Why Is Netflix Losing Subscribers?

It had 221.84 million paid subscribers all around the world in 2021. This number has decreased to 221.64 million in the first quarter of 2022. So according to this statistic, it has lost 200.000 paid subscribers globally and low at first but for the first time, it’s losing subscribers that’s why it sounds bad. Another side, we’re starting to think will it continue to lose subscribers, isn’t it enough powerful to run with its competitors.

Disney Plus and HBO are strong competitors. It always has had strong competitors since founded but the first time started to lose subscribers that’s why this a is questionable situation but from the other side reasons are clear.

  • Lack of interesting video content: In above, I said that platform has video content from different topics but nowadays it’s repeating itself and subscribers doesn’t enjoy it a lot.
  • Controversial content: It’s good to keep it in our minds but another side it’s causing negative comments and boycotts. For example, 365 Days took many negative comments for describing fetishism as a romantic side. 13 Reasons Why To Die also had a negative comment as harm people’s psychologies.
  • Price and new rules for earning more money: Our bill is growing and also this caused lose lost many subscribers. Of course, we’ll pay price for high-quality contents but still, it should stay at the available level. And another push factor was that they announced that we can’t use each other’s passwords to watch. It looks just they want to make more and more money. That’s why people started to disconnect with Netflix by day by.

As was an old Netflix user, I canceled my subscription too, I can say that all of the reasons in up affect to loss it. People can accept the first increase, the second one but getting more isn’t acceptable and it isn’t irreplaceable. At the beginning of purpose, they were focused on people’s desires but now they turned into money strategies.

Choose Your Side:

After Disney Plus met with Turkish audiences, started to seem as if DisneyPlus will be a big competitor to them, and of course, losing its many subscribers of it strengthen this thought.

Disney Plus was founded in 2019 and has 137.7 million subscribers. But the important thing is here not a number, DisneyPlus getting bigger worldwide. Okay, maybe it’s slower but it’s working as we saw in statistics and opening in the Turkish market will be an advantage for Disney Plus.

Another side, Disney Plus took many phenomenon contents like “How I Met Your Mother” and different tasting contents like Obi-Wan Kanobi. But still, Disney Plus has to improve its content, websites, technology, and marketing strategies.


As a final, let’s compare their price. Actually, it’s the determined point of decision because Disney Plus has only one bundle for subscribers which includes IMAX and 4K UHD streaming and its price is 8$ per month and 80$ annually. As a plus, you can watch 4 screens at the same time πŸ™‚

Then, choose your side πŸ™‚ Okay, after all, things, you can decide your side. Both of them are very strong from different sides. But we shouldn’t forget it’s a big brand and integrated with our lives. That’s why, if they find a new strategy like watching at the 2 screens at the same time, will win back again losing subscribers πŸ™‚Β 


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