Get Ready! The New Season Of Russian Doll Is On 20 April!

Russian Doll

Russian Doll aired on Netflix as a one-season, 8-episode series in 2019. Russian Doll’s 2nd season, whose plot, actors, and flow of events are very interesting, will be with its curious fans on April 20, after 3 years.

I must say I miss seeing Nadia (Natasha Lyonne). Because for me, there must be an idiom called Natasha Lyonne’s charisma 🙂 She was very suitable in this short comedy-drama and the series flowed perfectly with her attitude. My friend had told me about the series before ( many thanks for it), it may have even happened on the same day that we started and finished. While we were waiting for the new season together, I said “finally” when he sent me the news of Netflix.

Russian Doll

I’m curious about the second season because Russian Doll had finished in a very critical point which we asked ourselves that it should be continue or not. That’s why I’m looking forward to the second season. I hope the taste of the first season is not spoiled but I can see from the trailer that it will be a good season that’s why I’m really hopeful 🙂

Let’s first take a look at the what’s about Russian Doll (don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers as much as I could). If you haven’t watched it, if you are looking for a short and different series, Russian Doll will be the right choice for you 🙂

Plot of Russian Doll:

It looks cliche but scenario and actors/actress make Russian Doll different from others and Nadia is the star of this difference taste.

Nadia is an independent woman and a software developer. She lives what she wants. She is a character who lives with his cat and cannot do without a cigarette. Although she believes that everything is going well but she continues to feel guilty for her mother’s death. Her friends, cat and surrogate mom are very important in her life. Nadia’s life changes on her 36th birthday. She constantly leaves the birthday party her friends prepared and dies, and then returns to that moment in the bathroom.

Russian Doll- Netflix

Nadia is not alone in this reset. Alan (Charlie Barnett), whom Nadia doesn’t know, also experiences this situation – my raisin cake. Having a completely different character from Nadia, Alan is someone who thinks he can control everything, sticks to his routines, and tries to fix himself with affirmations. The story of Alan’s death and resurrection begins with his girlfriend breaking up with him on the day he’ll propose and learning that has been cheated on.

Russian Doll

They try to understand the bond between them when they learn that they are in the same situation as each other in the elevator. When one dies, the other dies as well, and in the last episode, they start to encounter different timezone in a different universe with a different version of them.


Perhaps the most striking episode of this season was the 7th. Nadia’s childhood impressed me a lot. While the reason she was stuck in this time loop was the guilt she felt towards his mother, Alan’s reason was to confront his girlfriend Beatrice too.

It is an interesting point I liked in this series that both of them continue to live the same day in front of the mirror after they die. I think this mirror, in which we see our reflection, tells us that the problem actually originates from us and that the role of life here is as much as we give to it.

Other life lesson is hiding in that Nadia and Alan are totally different from each other but have big common point. It means actually life isn’t contrast us, gives us what we need.

Shortly, Russian Doll isn’t just a story of being stuck in a time loop. Also, the story depicts both that existential inquiry, a confrontation, and challenges with life.

What Wait For Us In The Second Season?

The first season has finished that find and convince each other but at the end, they understood why they’re living this stuck.

Russian Doll

Second season looks a bit different than first season. Because in this season, they’re time traveler and going passs or they’re time prisoner as Nadia said 🙂 This time, they will find anwers of their pass in this time travel. We’ll watch deep research, examination, Nadia’s her own unique style, and of course the perfect duo Nadia and Alan 🙂

Second season

I’m sure that the second season will both make us sad and warm our hearts. They will handle it together this travel but it won’t be end. Because creators are planning the third season too.

Russian Doll

Let’s meet on Wednesday in Netflix to watch the second season of Russian Doll 🙂

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