Everything To Know About Super Flower Blood Moon 2022

blood moon

The first lunar eclipse of this year happened: Blood Moon! Did you see the blood moon? If you missed it, don’t worry because you’ll see the blood moon again on the 7th into 8th of November this year, and it will be best seen from the west coast of North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia in a good position. Let’s learn more about the blood moon until that date and you can check how it looked here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OyFLGS0ZUo

On Sunday midnight we lived a powerful super full moon which many people waited for this is one of the most fascinating astronomic occurrences. I’m sure you already read many news about how much the blood moon is affected, why it’s so important, what is exactly it, and many more questions. Let’s wrap the blood moon questions up so here is everything to know about the blood moon!

Blood Moon

What’s the Blood Moon?

We know that a lunar eclipse happens when our Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the light from falling on the Moon. In short, we can see the shadow of the Earth on the Moon during a lunar eclipse. In a bloody lunar eclipse, the Moon and the Sun are in the opposite direction of the Earth, while a little bit of sunlight reaches the Moon. The Moon appears red because this reaching light is filtered by the atmosphere. Therefore, a blood moon image appears.

A blood moon

What Happened In The Blood Moon?

The Bloody Lunar Eclipse lasted approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes from Sunday night to Monday morning, and the total eclipse lasted approximately 85 minutes. The eclipse was fully or partially visible in parts of the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, the Eastern Pacific, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The moon was also in the supermoon phase, closest to the earth. That’s why it looked pretty big and this combination was dubbed the Super Flower Blood Moon of May 2022.

Why is Blood Moon Is Big Occurance That Much?

It’s mostly because of turning to the red moon and visible very impressing. And also, the astrological mindset makes the blood moon getting popular a lot.

Blood Moon and Spiritual Awakening

And this is what exactly I would like to talk about with you 🙂 I always defend we’re a whole with the universe and even tiny occurrences affect us. We’re not separate from this universe, we’re part of this earth. I won’t talk specifically about the blood moon but we’ll criticize what’s going on in our lives in Lunar Eclipses and this kind of the hardest blood moon time.

Lunar Eclipses mean transformation, big changes in our lives, big decisions, and face to our past in astrological language. We feel very nervous, thoughtful, anxious, and more even before eclipses. Sometimes this is so hurtful for us, but every transformation comes from hurtings. I know that some people find this so stupid, with no meaning but still, they also feel the same thing, and even if you don’t believe this, don’t you want to know all the bad feelings are going through will pass? And this is the point astrology works on us to me.

I mentioned what happens during the blood moon and now let’s imagine we’re the moon, the earth is our challenge in our lives, and the sun is our hope. Our problems set between us and hope, then we stayed in the dark, and at the moment our hope somewhere in our inside lighted our darkness. After a while, we can observe that we do not resist change, and when we let ourselves go with the flow, the darkness passes and we continue with a different dimension. Shortly, this happens in every eclipse on our insides.

All eclipses are a chance for ourselves actually. We need new startings for moving forward but as a first, we have to say goodbye to the past. At this point,s full moon eclipses help us to throw our past away from our lives. These times, we can understand how much we’re tired of past, and that it’s not worth keeping with us.

We forget to feel without words and want to always term what we felt but eclipse time teaches us that feel what we live without any words. We don’t need any words for our feelings, why I’m feeling now, what I’m feeling, and more. These kinds of questions block feeling and begin thinking. That’s why eclipses times are the best time for looking inside and increasing mindfulness.

The Super Full Moon Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipses looks nature of universe things and we never understand how effective it’s in our spiritual awakening. You may believe it or not, but should know the most important thing in eclipses don’t resist change and be brave to quit what have to end. Everything is for us in this universe if we can look at the right way 🙂

blood moon- spiritual awakening

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