One day but 2 arrows – Valentine’s Day

Even if love should be celebrated anytime, anywhere and gifts should be given without a sort of special occasion, we can’t deny that Valentine’s Day is a pretty good reminder of those things. Maybe you’re too preoccupied to make small gestures as often and need a little push. Well, you can consider this day the necessary push to the hopeless romantic part of your soul.

Perhaps, you think that all of this are cliché but isn’t it the most beautiful part of this feeling? Love is a good type of cliché because all kinds of love require dedication. This may be considered an instinct because it hands you the power to do anything for the things you love and here are included both people, especially yourself, and other loved stuff like hobbies or pets.

Besides all the lovey-dovey parts, this celebration is special because it has a lot to do with the mythology, ancient traditions, and different cultures. Even the symbol, which is the famous Cupid, has its own complicated and divine history.

Every one of us have heard about the winged baby who carries magical arrows that make people fall head over heels in love, but the background is even more interesting. He is interpreted both in Greek mythology as Eros, son of goddess Aphrodite and her lover Ares, and in Roman myths as Cupid, son of goddess Venus and messenger of God, Mercury.

In either case, as Eros or as Cupid he was considered God of love, affection, desire. That’s the same reason for him being portrayed as an infant, the result of two people who are in love.

I have just mentioned about the mystical arrows but what’s so special about them? The thing is that Cupid carries two types of arrows for two different purposes.

Some of them have a sharp golden point and the others have an unsharpened tip of lead. The golden ones are used to create the feeling of love and the sudden desire in people. In the meantime, the strike of leaden arrows is destined to make the individuals fall out of love and run away from each other. In whatever way, the emotions are violent and uncontrollable just like flash of lightning.

That common saying” Coaches don’t play!” isn’t the one that guided Cupid because even he fell in love.

In a legend is told that Venus was so angry with the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche. She convinced her son to make Psyche fall in love with a monstrous creature. Cupid tried but ended up in a completely opposite situation, enamored with the moral. They married under the condition that she would never see his face.

The curiosity and the thought of him being a demon pushed Psyche to steal a glance at night using a lamp’s light. Cupid woke up and scared her so bad that, by accident, the oil from the lamp ended up in his eyes, making him blind. This can be an analogy to the fact that love is blind. But anyway, after this incident, Cupid fled in anger. After an endless search, Psyche was reunited with her lover and received the gift of immortality.

Coming back to the Valentine’s Day and legends, on this day is celebrated the death anniversary of Saint Valentine who was a priest that disobeyed the orders in name of love. Despite the emperors’ restrictions, he secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war.

Although, the origin of this celebrations could be traced back to “Lupercalia”, a Roman festival of fertility. During this celebration man and women were matched randomly and most of them would end up married to their pair.


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