Taking your time to be elegant in a high-speed world

Time is, without doubt, a relative aspect of  Universe, as the genius Albert Einstein has shown in his scientific work. Beside all the complicated stuff, each and every one of us have experienced this relativity at least once or twice.

I’m sure it sounds familiar when I refer to a class or a meeting as ridiculously long-lasting even if it took just half an hour. For some people, those 30 minutes felt like endless hours. Usually this happens in situation that make us feel uncomfortable, nervous or maybe bored.

But, on the other hand, when we’re having a good time and the distraction comes naturally, the times seems to fly in a supersonic private jet. You’re just having fun, laughing and then 4 hours have passed like 2 seconds.

So, the frame of events it’s the most important thing that makes time goes too slow or too fast in our perception. We react at the relativity based on how we feel in that exact moment.

Well, the time itself doesn’t have a specific tempo in our perspective, as I’ve mentioned already, but we can all agree that the world these days goes on high-speed mode. Everything around us is moving crazily. Technology and science progress so quickly that sometimes we can’t keep up. The information flow is insane and definitely overwhelming.

With this type of lifestyle, most people tend to balance thing out by adopting casual outfits to make the process of styling easier. A baggy shirt with pair of jeans and some sneakers can be the uniform of every season. Although this simple choice is a brilliant idea when you run out of time, we are doing this even if we’re not in a rush.

Of course, it depends on a lot of things if you can or cannot be wearing something more elegant. There are some places that have nothing to do with a classy appearance. But it’s not just the places. Everyone has their own sense of fashion. Some may use the casual style just because it’s an effortless variant but would like to make a move to another level. In the meantime, the others may not like the idea of classy and prefer an ordinary look.



Where should I start? What should I do dress more stylish? How I can I adopt a classy style? If you want to make this transformation these are the first questions that comes to you mind. There’s no other point than feeling good while you look stunning so everything that’s applying to you should work out perfectly.

Putting on a button-down shirt or a fancy top instead of a hoodie can make you feel in love with your own body even more. Replacing the classic jeans with elegant pants makes a huge difference. A dress or a suit will definitely make you feel invincible. Shoes are another interesting fragment. Heels will always take an outfit to the upcoming level of dress code. And lastly, accessories are an easy and granted way to elevate any piece of clothing.

A good tip to incorporate an outfit that requires a bigger amount of attention in a rushed lifestyle is to prepare in advance a couple of outfits so you can choose. By that you’re saving time and frustration and all you have left is the pleasure of wearing whatever you want.

Either when we talk about a classy style, or a casual one, the most important aspect will always remain the confidence, a special part that should never be missing. It changes everything and makes interactions less awkward and more enjoyable. Confidence is for sure the key to self-empowerment.




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