One legendary said us that fat is full of calorie, we shouldn’t use this group in our diet list. Then we believed, took off all fat from our diet recipes and we filled this empty with more carbohydrates for calorie restrictions. Our stomach cried, body shocked and, insulin went to sky and obviously we failed.

   Did you notice how much use consume processed products in your life? Easy access, stress, sadness, happiness, tiredness in daily life and all kind of mindset bring these sweety and salty processed products us directly. Other side, we believed one legendary and thought that did true one but we just getting addicted to carbs by day by. 

  Here is a hero to make you forget all you’ve known and will fight against insulin resistance and false facts, Low Carb Diet!! Let’s look at closer to this hero!

 What Is Low Carb Diet?

   Main point of this diet is that controlling weight comes from controlling carbs. That’s why it involves that reducing intake of carbohydrates overall as it’s name. Instead of high amount of carbs, put in your feeding high in protein, enough amount in fat and many kind of veggies. Shortly it involves two main rules to consider ; 

  • Daily protein requirement 
  • Don’t exceed your carbohydrate limit per day 

   Many studies has been shown us this is a successfull diet to lose weight without calories restrictions. Those who want to lose weight, fat burning and fewer cardiovascular risks can try this diet style.  

How Much You Should Intake Carbs Per Day?  

    We’ll count our amounts of consumed carbs at the beginning. When we got used to this diet, won’t need to count even because we’ll learn every amounts by day by. Okay, we’ll count but how much we should intake carbs, let’s look which options we have in low carb diet 😊 

    100-150 grams : This range good for who wants keep weight in average or frequent high-intensity exercises. 

    50-100 grams: If you want to lose weight slowly but in steady way, you can choose this range. Also if your body very sensitive to carbs, you can intake carbs between 50-100 grams to maintain your weight in stabile. 

    Under 50 grams: This geared toward to who wants to lose weight fast.

How Can We Start The Low-Carb Diet:  

  • Let’s start with to take off simple carbs from our life like bakery products, cookies, donuts, galetas, starchy veggies, bread, cereals etc. 

     This should be first step because before taking these product off, you can’t continue with low carb diet and this will be just lose your time. Prepare yourself at first! 

  • Continue with decisions for amounts of carbs per day.  

     Don’t be hasty about lose weight, focus your health and longevity of low carb diet. Start with 50-100 grams or 60-90 grams range is good to start. 

  • As a final, you should learn that carb amount in product you consumed and determine your meals per day. 

     Don’t forget that fruits and veggies contain carbohydrate too. 

Benefits of Low Carb Diet: 

  • Reduces risk of heart diseases. 
  • Raises good (HDL) cholesterol. 
  • Reduces blood sugar and insulin levels. 
  • Supports metabolic hormony. 
  • Gives more energy and feeling less hungry. 
  • Helps to lose excess body fat. 
  • Helps to lose weight.  

Tips for Getting Easier Way The Low Carb Diet: 

  • While you’re counting amoun of carbs you consumed, you can use Fatsecret, Lose It, Lifesum applications. 
  • If you want to learn more thing abot low carb diet and different kind of recipes, can read this book, The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution ( you can find pdf version on google easily) 
  • Give time yourself. At the beginning, you’ll ketones effects like a headache,tiredness, insomnia etc.) but all effect will be gone after a short time and drinking more water also will help you at this period. 
  • When you want to eat sweet things, you can prefer dark chocolate. Because it’ll stop your eagerness quite a lot. 
  • You can add yoga or basic execises in your life. You’ll have more energy than before started to low carb diet and you can start to feed your soul. 

                        – We are what we eat. That’s why if you feel tired, sad or mad, this kind of things also related with feeding. Don’t be cruel yourself but be honest about are you addicted with simple carbs and how do effects your daily life. When you noticed that how your nutrition effect on your body, can understand what you need and raising your life quality😊

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