Pearls – the best definition of “timeless”

We all know that humankind explored only 5% of the Ocean. Maybe we haven’t found yet if the great world of Atlantis is real or not, as there is no relics under the chaotic waves, but, among the magnific species and ecosystems, it was also brought to light a tiny piece of elegance. (BIRKIN: THE GREAT STORY BEHIND THE #1 EXCLUSIVE HERMÈS BAG)

The pearls have been present in jewelry collections of the most powerful people from all cultures since the 3rd millennium BC. In all of them, pearls represented the highest level of wealthiness. A legend says that even the last Cleopatra of Egypt wanted to demonstrate that she could spent a considerable amount of money on one meal. To prove that she asked for a vessel of vinegar. When the request was on the table, she took off one of her earrings, let the pearl dissolve in the solution and drank it after it was all liquid.

Fast forward, the smallest yet meaningful symbol of opulence knew its period of glory in the ’20 being an irreplaceable accessory in flapper style, the most iconic for that decade. Beside the feathers, long gloves and a cigarette holder in some cases, women used the long necklaces of pearls to feel chic and mysterious.

A designer that popularized pearls was the one and only Coco Chanel. She received them as a gift and didn’t waste any occasion to affirm herself with it even if she was wearing the simplest outfits. Chanel said that pearls captured light and movement. She didn’t consider the jewelry can make a woman look rich, but to appear elegant and to empower them. Above all other pieces, her pearls couldn’t be replaced and remained a strong style signature.

At some point, pearls were considered old-fashion and conservative, but this perspective changed quickly due to the massive vintage representation on social media. More and more people tend to have a passion about the beauty standards form last century. Now they’ve gained back the reputation of „Queen of Gems” that resume perfeclty their level of grace.


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