Here Is The Place Where A Perfect Combination With Green and Blue Sky : Lithuania

Sometimes words don’t enough to tell how peaceful is, sometimes photos don’t enough to show how beautiful thing is in place. This is truly for Lithuania and especially my lovely city Vilnius. But I’ll write my best because I would like to share what beauties are in here 😊 Be ready for visual fest 😊 

    A capital city Vilnius is the greenest city in Europe and third in the world, therefore you’ll deep take a breath, hear the birds voice and fall in love with the most beautiful sky 🙂 

   Here is symbol of city centre and if you see Cathedral, you’re in the entrance of centre and ready for exploring city 😊

    Also Cathedral is heart of catholic symbolism of Lithuanian people. This cathedral has been survived from various wars and fire this is why you can see from neoclassical architecture style to baraoque and Renaissance touching which show us the restorations times. Beside this ,written that Cathedral has been built above pagan temple in lots of sources. As look that much respect to nature of Lithuanian people, celebration the summer solstice in forest, paganism symbols in some constructions; we can see their pagan roots.

   Other legend is about similar with star patern miracle stone in near the Cathedral and Bell Tower. When you find this stone, stand out, make a wish and turn 360 degree around yourself seven times. Don’t forget to close your eyes 😊 I hope your wishes will come true 😊



  • St. Anne’s Church

This red and beautiful church is one of gothic style architecture. And be careful about fall in love this church like Napelon. Yees! Napeleon has been felt in love with this church and wanted to carry to France 😊 

  • Užupis 

    Here is independent republic in Vilnius, even you can get a stamp in your passport for entrying to Republic of Užupis every 1st of April. Let’s look this one of the smallest republic in the world 😊 This place is seperated by the Vilnele River from rest of the city. In starting of 90s, this place was a trouble but then one group of artists has made beautiful and on 1st April 1997, resident of Užupis decided to be independent from city. Now even it has constitution, national song etc. But none of government recognise Republic of Užupis and Vilnius doesn’t have any problem with this situation that’s why it’s not a politic issue. NEXT STOP IS LATVIA

    Beside this independence story, Užupis truly art place in Vilnius and give bohemian vibes to visitors with pictures in wall, creative constructions, cozy cafes.

  • Gediminas Tower 

    Gediminas Tower was built by Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania and completed by Grand Duke Vytautas. One of the symbol of Vilnius and the place has perfect city view, especially with sunset. Also you can visit this castle inside and feel medieval vibes.

  • The Hill of Three Crosses 

    It has built in 12th and 13th centuries. Hill got named after Franciscans died martyrs when pahan tied them to crosses and threm them down the hill. Like Gedimas Tower, this place located inone highest point of Vilnius. Also, hill has a perfect view at night with city lights. After you watched sunset in Gediminas Tower, can go Three Crosses for night view.While you’re watching city in lights, you would to drink wine (very ood combination as well) but drinking in public is forbidden in all Lithuania, that’s why just enjoy your view 😊

  • Vingio Parkas 

   Would you like to relax in forest and at the same time accompany the visual feast with baloons? Here is the perfect place for that. Also if you want to see the city from up, you can get hot air baloon tour. You can check this link for tour ,

  • Green Lakes 

   There is six lakes situated in Verkiai Regional Park and you will find fifty shades of green in here 😊 These lakes were formed after the glacier melting about 18.000 years ago that’s why they have high carbonate amount.  

   At summer, lakes are shining with sun and give you harmony of summer vibes.I’m sure that you haven’t seen before green like that. Just be careful while you’re swimming because with that much carbonate amount, swimming is difficult 😊  

   And as a final I would like to add, these lakes are very beautiful at winter period too. All lakes are frozen and even you can dance, walk on lake. But if you like crazy things, still you can swim in frozen lake, lots of local do that at winter 😊

  • Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Beside natural beauties and places of Vilnius, also has very striking history. If you like visiting museum for learning history in countries you have been, check this museum. You will eyewitness alive history in this museum.

    KGB introduces us the 1940-1941 Sovietization in Lithuania, 1944-1953 Geurilla War for freedom, 1944-1956 imprisonment of Lithuanians in gulags, 1944-1953 deportations , 1954-1991 KGB activities with together all photographies, documents, using items in history, documentatary film, the former prison and more. After this museum, you will impressed from such a challenging independence history and the most striking thing is place was turned into a museum in 1992 where executions and prisons took place in history.

  • MO Museum 

    Let’s continue with other museum in Vilnius for modern art lover 😊 MO built in 2018 and introduces us devolepments of Lithuanian art of the last 60 years that’s why you will find a huge and alive collection because alwaysthis collection is supplemented with new arts. 

    While you’re visitors, also you can attend events, spend time in reading room and at cafe. Shortly you can live the modern art in MO 😊

  • Important Note :

Be careful because you will be addicted with Vilnius 🙂

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