Dealing with stress

Oftentimes we find ourselves in stressful situations or environments, myself included. How do we preserve our emotions and mind while dealing with it ?

What triggers us and enables us to feel those emotions?

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According to the Mental Health Institution 60% of young people have been through the stress or overwhelmed by pressure to succeed. Almost 47% of young people have felt stress related to body image and appearance and so on. This life carries a lot of struggles on the way but is there a way to tackle it?

Stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety

I went snooping for a bit and asked around how people deal with stress.

One of the top answers was – Don’t take life so seriously and try to laugh. They also dealt with stress, some of them due to constant faculty pressure even reported hair loss, sleeping disorders etc.

 But ! Most of them said that nothing relieved them of stress as having a cup of coffee or tea with a friend and letting it all out, while trying to ironically laugh at yourself for not thinking firstly about your health and peace.

People need to prioritize their feelings and wellbeing. What cannot be changed is what it is and what can, start from the basis. 

The other group of people told me that they find a bit of peace in the rituals. Reading a book you are fond of, taking a long shower, having a meal that you usually love, laying in the room and listening to something.

Don’t suffer from overthinking. Life will not be a smooth sale, but stressing will not change much. The bottom line is, if you cannot be good to yourself, how do you expect to perform well, most of them replied. 

One of the people said that making a list of priorities is good. Another said that taking long walks calms them down. Some of them said that a bit of exercise makes them relieve stress.

When gathering all this information, I thought about one thing. We are all here together. Now, it sounds so corny and outdated but never more than ever, in my opinion, does this need to be emphasized.

Take a bit of joy with you wherever you are, whoever you are, trust me nothing is wrong with you. There is so much beauty in you and around you, that it would be a bit of waste to stress on it. Be kind to,firstly, yourself.

Slow down, don’t forget to breathe and remember, everything will pass. Be kind to a stranger, since we all face one crisis or another in life. And it can get really hard.

Tell yourself as often as u can that you are worth every damn moment on this planet. Let the stress go. Say, the hell with it. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come.

I trust this world and  trust every single person, that everyone can take a moment and remember that there is much good to this life.Tackling and wrestling with it is so worth it. 

Now hope you remember this, and hope that every single person that has read this, is taking a moment while listening to a song they love and having a nice cup of coffee or tea. We all owe it to ourselves.

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