Time is so fast and life is busy, keeping your body healthy, losing weight or just keeping your weight in avarage is difficult with these conditions. Sometimes we can’t decide to which diet is good and healthy for ourselves, sometimes we can’t keep our motivation to continue diet. Beside this everyday we’re learning new diet plans, some of them under the ‘shocking diet’ which gives trouble to body, some of them are so strict to modified the daily life and as a final we just lose ourselves in all informations.  

   That’s why we collected the most effective diets to lose weight with quick tips. You don’t have to lose yourself in other informations anymore, after read this diet styles curation you’ll choose your best easily 😊 Let’s start with Intermittent Fasting. 

   INTERMITTENT FASTING (Time is on your hand)

   If you don’t like strict diet or you have busy schedule and don’t want to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks with classic way, this feeding style is matching with you 😊 Let’s check what is IF and impact on health.

One of the most popular diet style nowadays is IF which comes from hunting times in history. It focus on when you eat instead of calories counting. You have certainly period to eating and fasting. Purpose of IF is decreasing addicted to food, teaches us that what our body wants, and able to seperate the truly with emotinally hungry.

  Why IF is good for life?

  • Overconsumption of food caused to metabolic morbities like insulin resistance, diabetes etc. In this point, IF helpes you about controlling on your feeding and decreasing the posibility of cancer, alzheimer and heart diseases.
  • Increasing the longevity of healthy food style because you’ll get used to fasting and understand that you’re really hungry or not.
  • Giving you methabolic health because of long period your body use your stored reserves.
  • Modifying of IF to life easily.
  • Increasing the your life quality from your sleeping to focusing.
  • Improving a good relationship with food.
  • Don’t have to skip hanging out with your friends at outside because of strict diet style.
  • Control is on your hand, organize your time to feed and do it.

  What are the popular fasting plans?

– Fast for 12 hours in a day (12-12 Method) : 

   This method is good for beginner of IF. Also if you like breakfast and say that I never skip breakfast, here you have got a match with this fasting plan 😊 Basically, you have per 12 hours for fasting and feeding period. 

  For example; you can make a breakfast at 7 am then continue to your feeding window until 7 pm. After 7 pm, you have to start fasting again until 7 am. 

 – The 16-8 method: 

   This plan also good for starting and mostly fasters use this method. Fasting 16 hours and feeding period is approximately 8 hours. It has enough time to burn through stored carbohydrate reserves and help to fat burning metabolism. 

   Generally fasters finish evening meal by 8 pm and skip breakfast, they’re starting to feeding at noon.  

   For example; you can start the day with coffee, water or other zero-calorie beverages until 12 pm. Then from this time to 8 pm you have feeding period. After 8 pm, again you’ll start to fasting until 12 pm of other day. 

    -One meal in a day (22-2): 

   This involves 22 hours fasting and 2 hours feeding hours. Fasting period is so long for this plan that’s why good for advanced level fasters. But you’ll get benefit for promoting ketosis, metabolic flexibility and insulin sensivity. 

   -The 5-2 method: 

   This plan involves 5 days eat normal way and restricting your calorie intake as 500-600 for 2 days.  

    This method to do can be difficult but if you exaggerate some days in a week with your meeting or friends, after 2 days you can restricted your calorie intake for relaxing your body and then continue to your normal feeding way. 

   How can we choose the best plan for ourselves? 

Consider that you have any healthy problem like diabetes or if you’re pregnant, you have to listen what your doctor said but if you don’t have any restricted conditions in your health, you can follow these tips:

You should ask yourself about when you want to start fasting, how’s your lifestyle for this feeding style and plan.

When you start to one of plans, don’t forget to observe yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, still hungry or increase your starving, change your meal plan according to what you want. There is no only one method to everyone, we have different life conditions and living style that’s why DON’T PUSH YOURSELF.

   How should be feeding window?

  • Start with enough strong and good combination with groups of nutrition. (Protein, fat, carb)
  • After your first meal; feel hungry, you can get snacks like nut, wallnut, almond or fruits.
  • Drink enough water in a day.
  • Listen your stomach not brain, while you’re feeding hours, brain will tell that eat more, you’re hungry etc. that’s why don’t listen your brain, LISTEN YOUR BODY. Because all answers hide in our body.
  • At dinner plate; put more green leaf and vegetables ( spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber etc.), add protein based ( lentil, chicken, chickpeas, salmon, tuna) and fermented foods ( yogurt, kefir)

   Tips for longevity:

  • Observe your happy body; when you noticed that your body more relax and decrease the food addicted, you won’t need to anything to keep your motivation because you’ll already adapted this life style to your daily life.
  • Don’t feel guilty to eat fried potatoes or fast food, just learn balance with other your meals.
  • Beverages are important to control on your hunger. You can prefer coffee in the early morning and water, after your first meal drink green tea and before your second meal prefer one more cup of coffee. This helps you a lot for controlling at starting times. Of course don’t forget to drink water in a day 😊
  • Add vegetables, green leafy food in your plates.
  • Always listen your body, don’t close your ears to body.
  • If you want to control your timing, use application is ‘Zero: Simple Fasting Tracker’.

If you didn’t like Intermittent Fasting for your healthy life, can wait my article about other effective diet plans 🙂

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