2 Minute Technique to Support Your Brain Health! Amazing Facts

Brain Health

Brain health, which is one of the important components of general and holistic health together with the soul and body, forms the basis of living a productive and quality life. In fact, mind, soul and body are three different areas that feed each other. Physical activities that will positively affect physical health are also closely related to mental and mental health.

Adding movement to the times you sit regularly during the day is among the most important ways to support brain health, but we know that even though most of us are familiar with this information, finding the time to add movement to daily routines can turn into a challenging process. We have researched for you what is the 2-minute technique that will help your habit-forming process while supporting your brain health!

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Making a new habit for brain health

The road to a new habit is a challenging process for many of us. In fact, the reason why this process is challenging is because we want to add habits to our lives instantly and perfectly.

For example, if the exercise you want to make a habit is walking, you don’t need to start with 10,000 steps a day. The first step is to make an action you want to be consistent with consistent before perfecting it.

Neuroscientist Jennifer Heisz, author of “Move the Body, Heal the Mind: Overcome Anxiety, Depression, and Dementia and Improve Focus, Creativity and Sleep”, says: “We think a full workout or a 30-minute run is what we should be doing, but I think taking small steps in the right direction is what people should really aim for.” Dedicating 2 minutes to your targeted actions gives you discipline. These can be small actions, the important thing is that you have taken steps by committing to these actions for 2 minutes.

2 minutes is not as insignificant as you think!

The 2 Minute Technique, first introduced by David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done”, focuses on providing long-term benefits by helping to complete actions without delay. It may not be very easy to make a habit, but the first 2 minutes are easy.

If you can do an action in 2 minutes or less, do it right then and don’t put it off. In fact, these first 2 minutes will be your ritual that will help you on the way to become a great routine and will add a small but small part of the habit you want to acquire to your life.

If you want to take 10 thousand steps every day, start by putting on walking shoes. If you are striving to do exercise practices, try to do the movement you have determined in the 2-minute periods you will allocate. Do you want to end the day with meditation? Sit in the area you have designated for meditation. If you want to read a book regularly, take 2 minutes and start by reading one page. Are the laundry at home catching your eye? Fold a t-shirt at that moment.

Short movement breaks

Every 30 minutes, get up and move for two minutes. If you have a little more time to add, increase this to 5 minutes. During short movement breaks, you can do exercises that will mobilise your body and increase your blood circulation.

The cardio exercises that you will determine according to the area you are in or your mood include movements such as jumping jacks, also known as jumping jacks, burpees, just a little stretching or a little walk…The choice is up to you.

Taking short movement breaks will allow you to better focus on the work you are dealing with and prevent your mind from wandering. Exercises that increase your blood circulation will support your brain health by providing you with balanced energy and a positive mood during the day.

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