Opera gloves – a full-length accessory

A lot of people have some sort of nightmare about fashion trends that are coming back. There is always something that make someone cringe. Usually, we all find a fashion decade that should be buried and forgotten for good. Many of us believe things as low waisted jeans and UGGS should be kept only in the early 2000’s. But guess what? The trends from 2000’s are back in the game.

Let’s be honest, this news doesn’t sound pleasing at all. Skirts or dresses over jeans have never been a good idea neither then nor now. And as comfortable UGGS may be, they can’t properly complete an outfit.

Although, we can’t just see the bad side of things. A closer look is showing us a wonderful piece of clothing that gained popularity recently. The designers are focused more and more on this specific item and doesn’t waste any chance to include it in hot couture collections.

Opera gloves became a frequently used statement. For some time now, they have been one of the most favored articles of clothing in both spring-summer and fall-winter fashion collections. This type of eccentric accessories is definitely game changer. Not only do they elevate even more the simplest yet elegant outfit but also can give a unique vibe.

Celebrities enjoyed wearing full-length gloves to their appearance on red carpet or other private events and all of them looked stunning while doing so. Rihanna blew everyone’s mind with that Fenty light blue dress and the pair of opera gloves which matched perfectly.


Rita Ora is another gorgeous woman that found this style a genius idea to make herself unforgettable. The black pieces of the outfit were the most amazing details. The ribbon bow on her Miu Miu dress and the full-length gloves made her look so elegant and emblematic.

And of course, we can’t omit the iconic look of Ariana Grande in that princess gown dress. The opera gloves were just the last piece to transform her into a magnific Cinderella who let all of us totally speechless.

The list could go on and on because a lot of well-known people from the public area accessorized their clothes with gloves and by doing that the popularity of this item being to raise.

In a short period of time, under the influence of hot couture fashion, people begin to explore the elegance of this article as well.



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