5 trendy colors that you need in your closet for spring 2022!

Each season has its own and unique colors that can make our casual or formal outfits look trendier. Mentioning seasons, the spring 2022 season that has already started, brought with it many trendy colors. Here are five trendy colors in spring 2022:

1- Sky blue

Sky blue is a mixture of red, green and blue. It is among the trendy colors in spring 2022. This color can make your outfit look calmer as it is a calm color associated with clear and cloudless sky.

credits: uiGradients

Many fashion pieces are now founded with this color and can be styled in many ways. For example, when shopping, you can find a sky blue jeans whether it has a slim or palazzo cut!

In addition to many tops, shirts, dresses, earrings or even bags.

Sky blue color can be styled with white color to create a soft look.

credits: Sky blue Chanel handbag

2- Kelly green

Kelly green is a trendy colors not only in spring but it was also trendy in winter and will remain trendy in summer! Kelly green is an intense green that is between yellow and blue.

credits: uiGradients

Nowadays, Kelly green is dominating over the other colors in every outfit and is styled in many ways to create an astonishing look.

credits: Bottega Veneta

3- Fuchsia

The “I am a Barbie Girl” is trending again in 2022! Yes don’t be surprised… fuchsia is also among the trendy colors that will be added to every outfit in spring 2022.

credits: Big Joy Project

It is an intense and hot pink color and can be styled in many ways to create a girly or a bold look!

credits: Girly Girl

4- Hot orange

Hot orange is among the hottest trendy colors in spring 2022. Adding this color to your outfit will let you be the center of attention. It is a mixture of orange and brown and it can make your outfit look colorful than any outfit you wore before!

credits: Vertical

Mixing it with a beige, white or black pant, shoes or skirt will create an astonishing look that will make you a sunshine goddess!

credits: adlat.net

5- Lilac

Moving to lilac, the color of flowers that will be also among the trendy colors in spring 2022. Lilac is a mixture of red and blue colors.

credits: Girly Girl

It is an innocent and calm color, a pale and pastel shade of purple that is not easy to style!

It can be paired with off-white, white and it can be also paired with yellow, orange, fuchsia and Kelly green! Knowing how to style lilac in the right way will make you the queen of color blocking!



                                    credits: who what wear website                                     credits: lookastic website


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