4 Useful Tips to Wardrobe Readiness This Summer

With summertime fast approaching, you may be starting to think about how to update or organise your wardrobe this year. It’s fair to say that an organised wardrobe makes it easier for us to successfully plan and style our outfits. For more of the minimalists among you, these four hints and tips may help you during your outfit planning process:

Start off with a Neutral Colour Scheme

Not only is it easier to plan outfits when your wardrobe is organised, but it’s perhaps also simpler to put an outfit together, when starting off with a neutral colour scheme.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t add pops of colour to your outfits, especially during summertime, but creating an outfit with items of similar colours and shades may make it easier to pair things together. This is also a great way to keep less items of clothes in your wardrobe and create more space.

Some neutral colours to consider planning your outfit with first could be: beiges, whites, browns, blacks, and creams. If you’re really not a fan of neutral colours, however, you could still start planning your outfit with similar shades of a brighter colour, and this may help you visualise what will complement the look as a whole.


Accessorise your “Plainer” Outfits

Whether you’re heading out to a glitzy summer evening party, or you’re having a small dinner party with friends, you may have more outfit options to choose from than you think. Not every outfit you wear has to pop right away; sometimes all we need is a good accessory. So, perhaps consider pairing some of your plainer, more comfy outfits with some summery staple pieces.

There are a wide range of accessories that can make a summer outfit shine, whether it is a bouncy straw hat, some fun hair ribbons, a Parisienne looking neck scarf, or some layered, dainty necklaces – there are so many ways to make a ‘plain’ outfit summer ready.

Accessorising a simpler outfit also makes buying clothes a lot easier, and once again, you don’t need to own as many items in your wardrobe.

Separate your Wardrobe by Season

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where exactly to begin when planning outfits, especially if you have quite a few items of clothing, shoes, and bags stacked on top of each other in your wardrobe.

If you’re struggling with having to plan an outfit when your winter coat is sat next to a pair of denim shorts, consider separating your wardrobe seasonally!

One way to do this is to ensure you have made distinctions between the items of clothing within your wardrobe, or keep each item in different spaces / storage / boxes etc. Consider what clothes tie in with certain colour schemes of the month, or what would you be most comfortable wearing in certain weather conditions. This is a great way to keep track of what you already have and may even encourage you to clear away items you don’t need anymore.

Not only that, but you will no longer need to stress about digging out that old summer skirt you used to like, as you’ll have it ready and waiting in your new and organised summer wardrobe.

Stick to Styles that make you Comfortable

It’s easy to succumb to wearing things simply because they’re the latest trend, which is fine, but perhaps think about what styles truly make you feel inspired. For instance, you may find some inspiration from vintage movies, or you may pick up some ideas while travelling. Or, you may simply just pick up an idea one day while scrolling on Instagram. But remember, comfort is key, and a more simplified and organised wardrobe may just what you need to achieve a fresh look this summer.

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