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The Social Generation has become more popular among people in recent years. Often, you can hear some conversations about this subject because every person has different ideas and there are lots of studies, books or documents in this context. First of all, do you know which generation you belong to? If not, you can use this table.

  • 1925-1945 –Silent Generation
  • 1946-1964 –Baby Boomers
  • 1965-1980 –Generation X
  • 1981-1996 –Generation Y /Millennials
  • 1997-2012 –Generation Z/Zoomers
  • Early 2010s- Mid 2020s –Generation Alpha

In this table, every generation represents an era in itself because in these periods, certain situations take place in the world, as a result of these situations people exhibit certain behaviours. Resources give some specific names to this period according to these behaviours. If we have to give an example, Second World War, political events such as a coup, Gezi Park Events in Turkey or Covid 19 Virus are some of the situations which have an important impact on people’s lives.

I have some arguments about these social generations and their properties.

For instance; people in Silent Generation are more compatible because there is a war and they do not rebel against authority, people in Baby Boomers are very hardworking because after the war, people make new lives for themselves, people in Generation X are very active and enthusiastic because in this season, almost every people have a political view and there are a lot of political conflicts, people in Generation Y are very bellicose and do not accept injustice, people in Generation Z are silent and creative and have many thoughts that plan to bring to life.

These are only my notions and when you look at your environment, you also may easily have some views about this context.

Many people do not interest in these generations, and these are generally upper age groups people. They can think that their long life can not classify some specific characteristics because they can argue that they did not have a comfortable life.

In contrast, generally young people embrace social generations. They write, read, watch and produce content about this subject.

If you want to access more resources, I can suggest Evrim Kuran who is a generation researcher and there are many books, resources, and podcast series in this context. I may suggest a book; Z: Bir Kuşağı Anlamak /Evrim Kuran.

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