How can you take care of your curly hair properly?

Taking care of curly hair is not easy as you may think! Your bouncy curls needs to be always shiny and bouncier than ever! Curly hair may be one of the most difficult hair type especially when you want to take care of it. It is unmanageable, full of frizz, and often dry.

That’s why taking care of it in the right way can give it a fresh and healthy look and make its beautiful curls shine again.

Here’s your perfect guide to take care of your curly hair in the right way:

  1. Use oil replacements

Using oil replacements once a week before or after taking your bath can help curly hair to look more shiny and healthy.

Personally, I prefer to use it before taking my bath after wetting my hair. Oil replacement changed my unmanageable curly hair and turned it to a healthy one with gorgeous bouncy curls.

I used to wet my hair before applying it, dividing my hair into 3 sections and applying the oil replacement from Pantene and leaving it for about 30 minutes.

pantene oil replacement

2.Use hair masks

Nourishing your hair properly equals applying hair masks twice a week! Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: TWICE A WEEK.

Oil replacements cannot be your one and only savior, as your hair needs more vitamins to look always fresh and healthy. And with the help of hair masks, you hair will look healthier than ever.

Regarding the mask application, your hair should be wet and clean and detangled. Similar to the application of oil replacement, you should divide your hair into 3 sections and apply the product and leave it for about 20 minutes then wash it off.

I recommend to apply the hair mask alone not after the oil replacement, in a different day.

I recommend also a mask from Cosmaline, for dry, curly and frizzy hair.

cosmaline oh my curls moisturizing mask

3.Use leave in creams

After having your hot shower and washing off all the masks and the oil replacements that you used, it’s time to apply leave in creams.

Leave in creams can help your curls stay bouncy and look healthier. Leave in creams makes your hair look soft and nourished not dry and damaged.

Leave in creams helps also in hair styling as you can use them also the day after to restyle your hair and give it a fresh and beautiful look.

I recommend using this leave in cream also from Cosmaline.

cosmaline oh my curls light touch leave in cream
  • Additional Instructions
  • To get better results, wash your hair with special shampoos and conditioners used for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.
  • Dry your hair always with a soft towel
  • Apply the biggest amount of your products on the edges not on the scalp to avoid dandruff

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