Waste Free Life is Possible with Zero Waste

When each of us leaves garbage behind, we actually add a waste to nature. The answer to the question of what is the zero waste philosophy is to act by considering the effect of each waste produced and consumed by humans on nature. In other words, a waste-free home and a waste-free life means a life built on minimizing and zeroing the waste left to the environment. Another unchangeable principle of this system is that products that cannot be recycled are used repeatedly and used for a different purpose when they get old. Minimalism: the less you buy, the happier you are


Waste-free life means reusing everything we have. There are basically 5 rules for this: reject, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Zero waste is basically a path towards a lifestyle where you leave no waste. A waste-free life can be started by staying away from plastics. While research on the types of microplastics found in fish has increased in recent years, the debates on whether these wastes are in human bodies still continue. The fear of microplastics entering the body of living things is enough to prevent people from using plastic. The first thing to do is to get rid of shopping bags. So what can be done to reduce the amount of waste other than using cloth bags?


Minimize Waste of What You Eat

You can buy more legumes and similar foods to avoid packaging.


You can buy open foods such as rice and lentils, put them in your own fabric supply bags and store them in these bags.


If it is difficult to find legumes and similar foods sold in the markets, you can try the neighborhood markets.


Thanks to these types of products purchased in the open, you have the opportunity to reduce the production of plastic packaging.

You Can Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle at Home


Zero waste can be integrated not only into eating or dressing habits, but also throughout life.


For zero waste, you can start by unplugging all electrical items in the “stand by” position in the house. Zero-waste benefits not only protect the nature, they also help you save energy.


Preferring to walk instead of driving to protect nature can also encourage sports.


It is also possible to transform the clothes at home by making bags or similar products from old clothes.


Adopting the “don’t waste” mentality of family elders can sometimes be considered a good start for further transformation.

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