How to use Canva?

People who have a website in an e-commerce site or a corporate sector in any sector must constantly design in certain areas. Canva is the easy way to design

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Banner areas, slider areas, blog sections of e-commerce sites are areas where design needs are intense. In addition, an e-commerce site needs a design for its social media accounts and, if it sells in marketplaces, for its stores in marketplaces.


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While many e-commerce companies can work with graphic designers and social media specialists by establishing a social media department to design, small and medium-sized companies cannot allocate capital to do these studies.



We have prepared our article, What is Canva and How to Use it, so that you can learn about Canva, which you can use for free, design and use your designs on any platform, whether you are a large-scale or small-scale company. You can also learn about designing with Canva by reading this article.

What is Canva?


Canva is a platform that was founded in 2012 in Australia. Canva is a platform where members can prepare presentations, create visual content, and create designs for social media posts.


Designers in Canva can add the photos they want to the templates, edit them and bring their designs to life quickly.



What is Canva ?



Advantages of Using Canva in Your Designs


You can benefit from many advantages by designing with Canva, a free platform that e-commerce sites can use while designing. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using Canva in this section of our article What is Canva and How to Use it.



Simple Operation


It is very easy to design from Canva, which has many features such as Banner, Slider, Social media designs. Even people without any design knowledge can design easily and quickly using Canva.




As everyone knows, the design varies according to the platform and needs. People who want to design with Canva can design according to almost any field that needs design. In Canva, it is possible to design in many areas such as banners, sliders, business cards, Twitter cover photos, Instagram posts, Wedding Invitations, Facebook posts.





People who want to design with Canva need specific photos for their design. Taking this need into account, Canva allows its users to choose free and paid photos with the photos section it adds.



Another advantage of Canva is that it has a templates feature. We have told you that designs usually change according to the sector to be designed and the platform to be designed. Thanks to the templates in Canva, users can get design ideas and they can make their designs faster using these design ideas.



Another advantage for those who will design with Canva is the Canva Components within Canva. You can add figures to your designs and make your designs more beautiful with thousands of components that can be used by those who have a paid and free Canva account.


Canva provides you with the opportunity to benefit from many paid and free fonts among fonts. Most of the fonts found in Canva are similar to the fonts used globally. Thanks to the fonts in Canva, you can choose a font that your company will use while designing and reflect your brand identity.


You can also design animated videos and shape your posts professionally with the animations feature that can be used by people who want to design Instagram stories.





One of the biggest advantages of Canva is that it allows you to share your designs for social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook directly on the relevant media. You can share your designs on Canva. If you want to plan your posts, you can also take advantage of this feature by purchasing a Canva Pro subscription.

In this section of our What is Canva and How to Use it article, we will give you information about using Canva. People who want to design in Canva first register with Canva. To become a member of Canva;





E-mail address


Registration methods. You can create your Canva subscription by choosing the method you want to register with.

To become Premium :Canva Premium

With Canva, you can’t deal with a few steps in your poster (poster) life. Thanks to the drag-and-drop image poster maker, it is very easy and fast to find what you are looking for. Many expectations await in the Canva poster maker. A poster that can be created in a few weeks. The necessary information will suffice for this.


1- Decide on the size. Standard posters are available for this. You can contribute and start your poster.

2- Select Poster theme. For this, you can still get support from those who already exist. Here, your priority is to give a message and your target audience. Provides an example of program size.

3- Now it’s time to customize the poster. Add images or go from the stock library. Let’s repeat the information that some of them are paid. There is also the change of colors and fonts.

4-Message section. Now add your message here. For the message area.

5- Your design is complete. Now it’s time to install, configure or design!


You do not need to design special posters that you will prepare. Short and simple to use with the online poster maker.

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