5 Ways to Increase Your Free Time

5 Ways to Increase Your Free Time

Cook more food than you need per day

How can we increase our free time? Let’s face it; in this age of busy days, cooking takes a lot of time. To shorten this time, you can cook more food on the weekend than you would eat in one sitting. Freezing the leftovers and keeping them ready for the next days can be a good solution. Another alternative is to store the ingredients you will use while cooking in a more practical way. For example, you can slice/shred the vegetables in advance and put them in the freezer. This way, when you get home from work, your meal preparation process will not be as long as before.

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Use leftover time for free time

There are many times during the day that we spend waiting. We wait for a lift to get from one place to another, we wait in a queue at the bank, we wait for working hours when we go to work a little early. You can set yourself up to utilise this leftover time. Decide in advance what you want to spend this time doing. You can use this time as a ‘pause’ to stay in the moment and just breathe, solve small puzzles to distract yourself, read a few pages from your book or use it to improve any language you want to learn.

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Two in one

If you cannot decide between two activities, then find a solution to combine them. For example, instead of choosing between socialising and exercising, you can combine the two. You can go for a run with your best friend and enjoy nature by cycling together.

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Limit your social media use

Let’s face it, today we need something to keep us away from social media. Many people want to spend less time on the internet or social media sites, because the amount of time we spend on these platforms cannot be underestimated. By using apps on your phone, you can control the time you spend on social media or the internet and control yourself more easily.

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Apply Parkinson’s Law

You tend to be more efficient when you have less time. If your friend’s or partner’s parents call you to say they are coming round in 15 minutes, there is no doubt that you will clean the house super-efficiently, is there? According to British historian and author Cyril Northcote Parkinson: “Work may extend so far as to occupy the time allotted to its completion.” In other words, if you finish a job in two days, it is undoubtedly a two-day job. Use this to your advantage and plan when you need to start and when you need to finish a task and stick to your plan. You will see; in fact, many jobs are capable of being completed in less time than you anticipate.

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