Double Cleansing: Why is Double Stage Skin Cleansing Important?

Double Cleansing: Why is Double Stage Skin Cleansing Important?

What is double cleansing?

Skin cleansing is one of the most important steps of the skin care routine. Removing the dirt, excess oil and make-up residues that the skin is exposed to during the day is the first step for a smooth and healthy looking skin. For this purpose, a comprehensive facial cleansing routine consisting of two stages is applied in Korean skin care. Dual-stage cleansing means cleansing the skin in two stages with oil and water-based cleansers. This cleansing routine, which is the two most important steps of Korean skin care, aims to cleanse your skin from the deposits that facial cleansing gels cannot reach.


According to this skin care routine, it is necessary to use products with two different formulas since some of the dirt on our skin can be cleaned with oil-based cleansers and some with water-based cleansers.

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What are the benefits of two-stage skin cleansing?


  • It provides an effective cleaning up to the lower layers of the skin.
  • Prevents the formation of skin problems such as acne, blackheads and pores.
  • It allows other skin care products to penetrate the skin more easily.
  • The skin gains a smoother and healthier appearance.
  • Delays the signs of aging by protecting collagen production.


How is double-stage cleaning done?

Phase One Oil Based Cleanser

Oil-based cleansing products are used in the first stage of a two-stage skin cleansing. With their ingredients enriched with herbal extracts, they easily remove excess sebum, make-up residues and sunscreens on the skin. Just because an oil-based cleanser is used at this stage, do not think that your skin will get oily! On the contrary, these products dissolve the oil on the skin according to the ‘like dissolves like’ information in chemistry. These products reach the consistency of milk when combined with water. Therefore, it provides the necessary moisture support to the skin without creating an oily feeling. Oil-based cleansers can be used by all skin types. It allows you to get rid of eye make-up residues such as mascara and eyeliner in one go, without the need to rub your eyes. Another advantage of using an oil-based facial cleanser is that it effectively removes water-resistant make-up products and sunscreens, which are very difficult to remove from the skin.

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How to use oil-based facial cleanser?

After taking a sufficient amount of oil-based cleanser in the palm of your hand, gently massage it into dry skin and rinse with plenty of water.

Step Two Water Based Cleanser

Water-based cleansing products are used in the second stage of double-stage skin cleansing. Impurities and pores that cannot be cleaned with oil-based cleanser in the first stage are completely cleaned in the second stage and the skin breathes. The cleansing products you use at this stage can be in the form of foam or gel. You should choose a cleanser that cleanses deeply and gently without drying the skin.

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How to use water-based facial cleanser?

Apply the water-based cleanser gently to the skin for one minute and rinse with warm water. Our two-step cleansing is over and that’s how simple it is! Now you can continue your skin care routine from where you left off with the serum and moisturiser you choose according to your skin type.

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