10 Tips for Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

10 Tips for Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Why is work-life balance important?


If you have a balance in your life, you will live a more satisfying life. When you find a time and a space where you can spend plenty of time with your family and loved ones, work on time, enjoy the sun and fresh air, you will achieve that perfect balance.

So, “Why should we strive to have a work-life balance?”

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If you respect your body, mind and soul, you will want these three to be in harmony, that is, a balanced life. When you have a good life balance, your mental and physical condition will be much better. You will get enough sleep, you will spend enough time with your friends, your lover, your mate, your family, you will be more productive and most importantly you will be happier and more fulfilled internally.

When you push yourself to the limits and always try to please others, things start to get worse for yourself. At this point, accept your limits and take the first step towards a balanced life.

At this point, the first thing to do is to realise that your life is not in balance.


How do you know if you cannot achieve work-life balance? 


  • If your health is signalling: When you try and push yourself beyond your physical and mental capacity, you find yourself dealing with health problems such as stomach upset, anxiety, worry and depression.
  • You are only interested in one area of life: If you spend more time on your work, if you have no time for your family or children, if you try to answer your work e-mails even at home… These are signs that your life balance is out of balance. 
  • You do not eat a healthy diet during the day: If you are snacking in a hurry just to eat, if you eat and drink while standing up or reading e-mails, if you do not have a routine and do not eat healthy meals at meals… You can see it as a sign that your life balance is disturbed.
  • If you are unhappy: If you feel unhappy even though everything is fine, it is time to balance.

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Staying in balance does not mean that everything is positive. It means that positive and negative values are equal throughout life. If there is negativity in your job, it is not the right approach to try to increase the positives in other areas of life. On the contrary, when you see yourself in a state of happiness and well-being in areas other than work, this will negatively affect your performance and productivity at work. Therefore, it is necessary to recognise and take action to balance positive and negative situations in both work and non-work areas. Making plans about what needs to be done for this is the best step to take for the current situation.


A satisfying and harmonious work-life balance will help you maintain your positive energy flow and give you happiness.


“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance is about making choices and enjoying those choices.” – Betsy Jacobson


10 Tips for Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance


  • Start the day early. Getting up early is very useful in planning the day.
  • Pay attention to your health. Eating healthy and taking good care of your body is necessary for you to be in balance.
  • Set your priorities clearly. While setting your priorities affects your efficient work, evaluating your priorities at certain intervals will help you review your old priorities.
  • Use your time and energy correctly. By taking as much work as you can do and identifying the important points of your work, you will save yourself time when you finish your work in a shorter time. In addition, when you create maximum impact in your work, your sense of success, confidence and motivation will grow.
  • Go over your worries. Do you really need to worry or are the things you worry about your imagination?
  • Don’t always say “No.” Know when you need to say “No”.
  • Don’t worry when you get out of balance from time to time. Balance will not always be in the same routine. You may be busy in certain periods as a necessity of your work. Do not get stressed in this case.
  • Measure your energy. Rate your energy level during the day from 1 to 10. When you do this, you can proactively manage your energy.
  • If possible, work for a company that emphasises work-life balance. If you are looking for a new job, try to understand the company culture when you go for an interview. You can even ask the person you are interviewing about their thoughts on work-life balance. Today, more and more companies recognise the importance of work-life balance.
  • Exercise at least 3 days a week. Having an effective exercise routine is very important to keep your energy levels in balance.

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