The Art Of Happiness

Human is the most difficult creature in this world. Even we don’t know ourselves enough. Maybe we know what we like or don’t like but is this enough to catch happiness in our lives? Otherside sometimes we don’t understand what we want, sometimes we like something without any reason (bullshit, I know). Have you ever thought about we spend our years to understand ourselves but still we’re not happy as we want that’s why the most difficult is finding a way to live happily. But no worries, we can figure it out but should start with our inside. Because everything comes and goes from our insides. Saying is very easy, but doing is not that much easy 🙂 Let’s talk about it in this article, try to find an easy way to build our life better as much as we could!

I would like to get help from Arthur Schopenhauer and his book “The Art of Being Happiness”. I recommend this book as a guideline for our lives. He shared with us 50 rules of life for being artists of our happiness. But here is an irony that he is a pessimist philosopher and thinks the human is the unhappiest creature in this world ever and this world the worst place. Because pain and unhappiness are everywhere. Human always follows the nonsense purposes in all life and move forward with to hope of happiness and pleasure. While reading this book, I noticed and lightened many times, and here are sharpened points that I learned and decided to do in my life. Let’s check!


  • Follow which don’t give you pain:

Arthur Schopenhauer says happiness is an illusion and a dream which never we’ll reach. But it’s not mean we never be happy, we’ll and for this, we need to follow which doesn’t make us uncomfortable, unhappy and sad. Because we never know what kind of things are making us happy but we know what make us sad.

  • We can’t be successful in everything and this is not a measure to how much we’re perfect:

One of the biggest mistakes is we judge ourselves in every failure but never understand that we can’t be perfect in everything and other side we don’t have to too. That’s why we shouldn’t ignore our skills. Whenever we failed in something, we shouldn’t think we’re bad, we’re unsuccessful person ever. Focus on your power sides and always remind your brain. Because our nature is inclined to think from the bad side.

  • Live all emotions in a balance:

All emotions are meaningful and we should live all of them. We can be happy but also sad, sometimes mad sometimes calm. All of them make us human. Don’t ignore your feeling whenever. We need to be happy and also sometimes cry. If we can’t live this, in the end, it will cause a boom in our life. And another point is, to live all emotions at a normal level even in happy moments. Shortly,  if you’re sad don’t think you’re the unluckiest person or happily don’t go up to the sky 🙂

  • The most important treasure is having a healthy body:

And this is a point of life, and again we forget this too. Because we understand what we have when we lost, and one of them is healthiness. If we’re healthy, still we can do everything, we have a chance. That’s why we should keep ourselves healthy, as mentally and physically. For this, keep an active ourselves by walking, short yoga flow, short workout, and more. Even 15 minutes make you more energic than before.

  •  Always there will be problems, remember:

Tiny or big problems, doesn’t matter but problems will be always with human unfortunately in all life. That’s why we should notice this and keep calm and strong ourselves.

  • Don’t think about everything at the same time:

My favorite rule is here, Artur says your thoughts should be in different drawers. When opening one drawer then should close for opening the other.

  •   Control the imagination power:

Imagine something is of course good but it should has a limit. If we imagine something unrealistic, when we couldn’t reach this dream, this gives us sadness. That’s why you should limit your imagined world for running away from disappointment.

  •    Life is going and we’re changing:

As we said, we determine a target to achieve and think if we reach this target, everything will be better and go in a way. But it’s not working like this actually. When we reach this target then will find a new one because it won’t give any satisfaction as we thought. But why? Because we always ignore the time while we’re reaching this target. We’re changing with time and actually, we don’t want this target anymore really but still following this target because we determined once in our mindset as we’ll be perfect in the end. That’s why never ignore how much you’re changing with time even you decided on your target. Time is changing, we’re too.

  • Never forget the life-destiny factor:

We can’t control everything. Something is out of our control and our life is coincidental. Yes, we have a plan but on the other side also life has a plan for us :). That’s why we should always change our strategy up to all new things happened.

  • Happiness comes from our inside:

And the last sharpened point for me is here. Artur says human doesn’t need something from the outside to enjoy richness inside. So it means is human takes pleasure in themselves and if you’re enough for yourself, you can reach happiness because our every reaction to affairs we lived is related to our sufficiency.

Shortly, for having a better life as a happy with yourself, don’t ignore your powerful sides in your every failure. Stop control everything and don’t think many things in the same time. Everything has a time, that’s why when it came, think about it but don’t forget to close the first drawer. Limit your imagination and give yourself more realistic stuff. And never ignore your healthy. We live this life with our bodies and have to care it for moving forward. Don’t waste your energy with everything!


“It’s difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it’s impossible to find it anywhere else”

                                    – Arthur Schopenhauer


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