What living in Lebanon is REALLY like…

Living in Lebanon has become difficult as a result of the ongoing financial and economic crisis that urged in the country since 2016.

Many Lebanese citizens emigrated since 2020, the year when the crisis really started to affect their lives negatively, especially after the Beirut port explosion that killed more than 200 people.

But what living in Lebanon is really like?

Living with No electricity

In other countries, electricity is available 24/24 thus in Lebanon there is no electricity at all! You are obliged to live without or with only one or two hours of electricity and pay your bills at the end of every month without arguing! In addition to the generator bills, that are considered as an alternative for the electricity and are costing Lebanese citizens a kidney.

Checking the dollar rate every second

In Lebanon, the dollar rate is flying “high”…really “high”. This problem that is linked with many economic issues, started after the start of the Lebanese revolution in the 17th of October, 2019, accompanied with a new term “black market” and is still affecting the Lebanese people lives till this second.

Everything in Lebanon is linked now with the dollar rate: the generator bills, groceries, education fees, fuel prices and many more….

Not being able to buy medical drugs…

Believe it or not, in Lebanon many citizens cannot afford medical drugs as they are now equal to their low salaries… many citizens stopped taking their drugs even though they are important for them to be able to live the rest of their lives in peace…

Low salaries, high transportation costs

Working in Lebanon means having a low salary at the end of every month. Why? After that the economic crisis started, the dollar rate increased in a crazy way and that affected all the groceries, medical drugs and other life necessities prices except salaries that are still payed on the official Lebanese lira rate that is hyper, super low regarding the actual dollar rate in the black market.

If you are working, you have need to take into consideration your transportation costs. If you are driving your car every day, you need to fill it at least two or three times per week with gasoline and that will cost you to spend your whole salary after one week of receiving it.

The same thing is for public transportation but the difference here is that you will spend your salary during the whole month only on the public transportation without paying your bills, or even buying bread.

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