Who will be the winner of Eurovision 2022?

66th Eurovision will take place in Turin, Italy. As we remember, Måneskin won the last year’s contest with their song “Zitti e buoni” and brought the contest to their country after 30 years. The grand final of the contest which will be held on 14th May is forthcoming. Since it is getting closer, many people and mostly the “eurofans” are wondering about who will win this year’s contest. Everyone has already chosen their personal winners. As usual, bookmarkers have also some favorites to win but of course, anything can happen on this exciting final night.

I will list the four countries that have the most chance to win the contest according to the odds.


At the moment, Ukraine is the top of the odds. The country will be represented by the Kalush orchestra with a song named “Stefania”. Some people believe that the reason why they are at the top is the invasion of Ukraine, so due to political reasons. I partially agree with this opinion, but this does not change the fact that they have a good song performed with good staging. Since this year most songs are average, it would not be shocking to see them winning.

2) Italy

In the second place, this year’s host country Italy is placed. They are again one of the countries most likely to win. Italy is represented by Mahmood, who represented his country in 2019 and finished in second place, and Blanco with a song named “Brividi”. Even though it is a pleasant emotional song, their live performances at the rehearsals did not sound promising. Thus, probably this will hinder their chances of winning.

3) The United Kingdom

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom is one of the favorites this year. After getting zero points last year, it seems that they have begun taking the contest more seriously. Sam Ryder represents his country with the song “Space man”. His live performance is not distinguishable from the audio, and the staging of his performance is impressive. His song and voice have received praise from the public, and it is predicted that he will bring his country’s best results in the 21st century.

4) Sweden

Not surprisingly, Sweden is also one of the favorites in the contest. The country is known for being one of the powerhouses of Eurovision. However, they couldn’t get the high points from the public in the last years. But we will see if Cornelia Jacobs breaks the televoting curse and win the contest. She represents her country with the song named “Hold me Closer”.

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