Internet is one of the most useful discovering in this world, it is getting easier our lives. We find everything we wanted in searching from books to how can I make pasta 😊 According to me, the internet is one of the greatest ways to discover the world with just one click. That’s amazing 😊  

If we use the advantages of the internet smartly, we can create perfect things and improve ourselves as a free. But I know sometimes how much difficult to find the best websites for specific purposes because google search list is like an ocean and convenient to lost easily and waste the time. That’s why we would like to share useful websites that touch and make beautiful your lives. I you’re eager to learn, let’s get started! 

It removes the background of any image as free and easy with one click. You can use this website for your blog pictures, e-commerce, car sales photography, and check the website to discover more 😊  


Here is an online library for eBooks and you can find really good books to read for school. They usually are downloaded in an ePub file by default, so use a site like http://convertio.co to convert them to PDF. 


We love to suggest this digital library for many things because you can find free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. They’re waiting for you to be discovered 😊  


Let’s listen to the radio all around the world because Radio Garden arranged the radios by geolocation and grouped by cities.  


You can download textbooks as an e-copy about almost any subject, here is waiting for you for getting more information 😊  



Anyone who likes cooking needs to know about this site! It pulls just the recipe off of whatever food blog/website you’re on. You’ll be a home chef and all your friends will enthuse to you 😊  


It’s a fun novelty website to kill some time and easily lose yourself for hours with nostalgia, be ready 😊There are also: (https://my00stv.com), (https://my80stv.com), (https://my70stv.com), (https://my60stv.com


You decided to start the workout and don’t know from where you can start so here it is for you. Just choose your gender and then mark your part of your body and learn featured exercises 😊  


You can search by different criteria and it will recommend a ton of books. If you can’t decide which book you want to read, here you can find it according to your mood, world map, and character 😊


A great site for students. Sometimes you can find flashcards other people have made that pertain to the subject you have to study. You can also use it to cheat sometimes too 😊 


If you’re eager to learn more and improve yourself, Khan Academy is good for you because knowledge shouldn’t cost an entry price and this website gives us this advantage 😊 


You want to travel but have a low budget so Skyscanner gives you the cheapest advice and a plus includes hotels and car hire. Let’s go somewhere 😊  


You can create everything from a logo to a business card. Some of the templates for Canva pro users but also you can create many good things without having that. Use your imagination 😊  

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