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We see lots of blogs on Instagram discovery flow everyday. Some of the blogs are very impressive and say to us just “follow me”. Here is one of them which gives pieces of advice, positive vibes, and aesthetic looking, Ksenya Sitdikova. She shares part of her life with social media users very attractively and makes us feel relaxed and enjoy 😊We asked many questions about her starting story, travel, life motto, and more to her, here is what she said. So let’s scroll down and learn more about Ksenya’s blog 😊

  • Firstly, we appreciate that you accepted our kindly interview request and thank you for this chance to know you more 😊 We really wonder about the story behind your beautiful smile that’s why we would like to share your thoughts, life motto, and beginning story with our Mozinity readers because we support people who want to start one step. So if you’re ready, let’s start to go deep into your life 😊


        1. Traveling is definitely a passion because quite of people don’t want to leave their comfort zone. How and when did you realize that have this travel soul you inside? 

  • Hello!  Since childhood, my parents have shown me a wonderful world.  We traveled a lot and often, got to know different cultures, cuisines, and people.  This is my passion I can say 🙂 When I grew up I started often traveling alone or with loved ones. 

         2. Social media is very popular in last years and most people take place there but also it needs to be patient and decided. So when did you decide to start your blog? How was your starting story?

  • My blog used to be like a memory diary but during the pandemic time, my travel pictures have inspired thousands of people and got into a lot of magazines and online publics, after that my Instagram page aroused interest and a new era has begun on my blog:) 


         3.I’m glad you share your passion and suggestions with people but as I said, it looks difficult and needs to be brave from far for most people. That’s why do you have any advice for new starters? 

  • I really don’t think you should blog just for the sake of blogging. It becomes part of your life and people really feel sincerely you do things or you don’t. Share your real life. Decide on your niche and broadcast about it balancing with the details of ordinary life, for example.  Balance is important.  If you’re an expert blogger, talk 80% about professional activities and only 20% about daily details.

        4. We talked about your social media journey and you don’t use Youtube actively as far as I know that’s why I would like to ask about which platform do you like most?

  • I love Instagram and Pinterest platforms and planning to start a blog on Youtube. 

        5. You’re sharing part of your life on social media like your meals, routine, places to eat, etc. Is always sharing them difficult? What’s the most difficult thing in managing social media for you?

  • I share what I live, use, eat, places where I go and travel.  Everything is for real 🙂 Therefore I am happy to share these moments.  Sometimes it is difficult to have time to complete many tasks at the same time, to answer all messages in a direct message.  At some point, the blogger begins to receive a large number of offers.  Sometimes you have to share several ads in one day.  Balance is important, it is important not to overload the heads of the audience.  Otherwise, you will lose confidence one day. Sometimes you just feel like you don’t want to share anything.  In this case, I prefer just to keep quiet and take a pause. It happens that you get very tired of social media and your body and mind need to take a rest. That’s it:) 


       6. I think it’s enough for social media questions you 😊 Let’s talk about your experiences a little. You’ve been to lots of countries Turkey, Hungary, Italy, and more. I would like to ask you is there a city or a country that you think you can spend your whole life there among these places you have visited? 

  • I love traveling so much, but my life is totally connected with Turkey/Turkish culture/. Turkish language and a lot of friends of mine from Turkey. I prefer to spend my whole life in Istanbul and then somewhere on the Aegean coast. 

          7. Do you have any memorable moments while you’re traveling?

  • – For sure! Every trip is special! It’s a special memory🤍 First thoughts came about warm summer evenings in Bodrum listening live music on the beach, a crazy week in the mountains in Amalfi, a friend’s wedding in Athens, or a surprise trip to Gaziantep and Cappadocia for my mom or a spontaneous trip to Mardin with friends a couple of months ago.  

        8. I understand that you really love aesthetic things in your life from your postings. Do you always care about aesthetics in your whole life?

  • The example of parents is the best lesson for me. Cozy family dinners, flowers at home (especially from fields), beautiful tableware, trips together with family, kisses, hugs, long walks with coffee, and a book. From childhood my mother taught me about beautiful things, different cultures, aesthetics, she was taking me to art exhibitions, theaters, and opera, talked about the features and beauty of details, admired the beauty of nature together with me, for example.  All the love for the beautiful things has been with me since childhood. That’s why I try to surround myself with beauty in everyday life. It’s very inspiring to me, but it’s also a necessity. I Surrounding yourself with beautiful things in life at home while traveling isn’t it love to yourself?  

     9. As far as I follow you’re doing many things in a day like do sports, travel, visit good places, care for your beauty, and more things. These things make you busy that’s why I wonder about do you have any routine you never will skip even you’re busy insanely?

  • I put my phone on airplane mode before bed. It’s an important ritual to end and start my day. In the morning I always prepare and drink a cup of coffee by myself.  If I don’t have time in the morning, I will definitely spend time with myself during the day. Also, sport is my ritual and it really helps me to relax emotionally, recharge and get inspired, and, of course, forget about the phone for a couple of hours. I go to the gym three times a week. If I have time, I like to take a short walk around the city center with my favorite music on AirPods. Of course, I do not ignore all hygiene procedures every morning and evening. Washing and styling hair as a different kind of favorite rituals 🙂 

     10. Let’s finish our interview with your life motto. You look to enjoy your every little moment and give vibe us positively. What’s your life motto want to share with us?

  • Live and enjoy for today for tomorrow may never come🌿 


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