We’re tiny pieces of the digital world by mobile phone, social media, e-mail, online meeting, and more. We always use them and live in this digital world without noticing but after pandemics started, also we started to notice that we’re turning into a digital world obviously. 

   Let’s look at what changed in our life with the pandemic period shortly. When schools, universities, and offices are closed, we started to use Microsoft Teams, or Zoom mostly, and all workloads moved to virtual. Microsoft statics’s shown us, 95 million new users added to Microsoft between MarchJune. We visited virtual museums, read pdf books from national libraries, took online courses from different universities on different platforms like Coursera, EdX, etc. We met new terms which used in the digital world like e-commerce, e-volunteering, cyber security, digitalization, and understood how much real artificial intelligence is. 

   Nowadays NFT, Metaverse, and Crypto are making us busy. We can see them everywhere. Did you notice that advertisements are mostly related to coding, NFT Market, and cryptocurrencies? So if you’re eager to learn how this transformation happening in the world, let’s discover and learn together components of the digital world in this curation.

Brief Glimpse To Background To Understand Where We Are:

   World history is full of big discoveries. We always grow up but with the 90s, growth got fast. Especially after internet speed fasted, everyone had a computer, and improving a smartphone we also took a place in digitization period without notice.  

  We started with 1G was the first generation of mobile networks and now we’re talking about 5G. Most of us don’t have any idea but directly adapted ourselves because we’re users. Or let’s talk about Facebook platform we used a lot. In 2004 we calledThe Facebook” and now we’re calling Meta. Even it looks small changing in name but it’s not, it is also a sign of “metaverse

  These are very few pieces of the information age. Bigger things are waiting for us in the future, and we have to catch them. I can’t say what will happen exactly because I don’t have any chance to see the future likeBack to the Future” movie, but everything will be possible, I know.

  Before getting started to go deep, let’s describe 3 similar but have different meanings words. Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation. 


Shortly it refers to converting something tangible into digital format. For example, we use excel documents for stocking our many data in business. This is digitization. Or let’s take the closest example to us in a pandemic process. We continued our lectures on Microsoft Teams, and shared our documents, presentations, etc. Still, we are real ones, but we look at our digital version while meeting on that platform.


   It involves a process to jump into the digital world. This term uses for people or businesses which try to use these digital technologies. Let’s take a business example, all team members have to contact each other very well, that’s why we use an e-mail instead of talking from somewhere to somewhere.

Digital Transformation:

This term is a strategy for business and related also with updates in the future. If you have a business, will want to survive with other competitors and this is why using digital opportunities better than them is very important. You have to follow strategies for managing this process. For example, teach your employees about new digital tools or improve your next plan. All these things are in digital transformation.

These are our frameworks to understand what’s going on and where we are in this new world.

What Will We Talk In Next The Posts? 

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • 5G 
  • Blockchain 
  • Metaverse 
  • Crypto 
  • Internet of Things 
  • NFT ( Non-fungible token) 
  • Way to change our mindset to adapt to the new digital world

                                  – We’ll dive into every component of the digital world in every post, so stay tuned 😊  

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