Taylor Swift Is Getting “Cancelled” on Social Media

The movie Amsterdam, which will be out in November 2022, has a cast full of stars as Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie and Anya Taylor Joy. But these celebrities are getting canceled on social media. Why? Because the director of the movie was accused of sexually assaulting his niece and it was confirmed.

Which one of these famous women are getting bad comment the most? The answer is Taylor Swift. But the question is: Does she deserve it? Swift has always been an advocate of women rights and a huge feminist. She herself is a victim of sexual assault. In the photograph below, you can clearly see David Mueller touching her.

After she won the sexual assault case, she gave a speech at her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. And she sang the song “Clean” from her album 1989.

Maybe she didn’t know what the director had done. Yes, she should have done some research about who she works with but clearly she did not. She did not because Swift has nothing to gain from this project. Since she is one of the richest women of the planet, she doesn’t need the amount that the movie pays her. And, if she did know what the director did then she would also know that acting in “Amsterdam” would damage her reputation. And being “cancelled” and called a “snake” in 2016, Swift absolutely knows what it feels like to be despised.

Below are the comments that Swift got after Kim Kardashian tweeted this.

So, in conclusion, there is no way that Taylor Swift would take a part in the movie with knowing about the situation.



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