Stray – A game that you can play as a cute cat

A unique and extremely innovative adventure game, Stray is set in a cyberpunk world. In this game where you will really feel like a cat, you do most of the things that cats do! You can meow, run around, scratch, take a nap and meow and meow.

Blue Twelve Studios’ cyberpunk adventure game Stray has received some favorable early reviews. Major outlets praised the game after its release today, July 19. The long-awaited Stray review ratings have been released. The platform game is developed by Blue Twelve Studios (In which %80 percent of employees have cats), a small Swedish studio, and has us controlling a stray cat trapped in a futuristic city. After a wait of around two years, Stray, which garnered a lot of interest with the promotional video unveiled during the PlayStation 5 event in 2020, made its appearance today. The adventure game emphasizes exploration and puzzle solving over battle or conflict and draws attention with its cyberpunk setting, outstanding graphics, and gameplay mechanics. It got 82/100 points from PCGamer and 8/10 points from IGN.

In Stray, you take on the role of a nameless cat who is suddenly cut off from its feline companions and thrust into a subterranean world where robots live in place of humans. The initial objective is straightforward: return to the surface. But the quest quickly evolves into something more. A cute drone named B12 eventually joins you, and the world’s mysteries begin to mount. You literally climb your way up through the layers of robot society as you make your way to the top, learning more about not only their lives and histories, but also what happened to humans. Then there are the zurks, a mysterious horde of bug-like monsters that devour anything in their path. That includes cute little cats as well as the robots, which are what keeps the machines confined to various underground slums.

Stray, in terms of gameplay, crosses a few genres depending on the moment. Much of your time in the beginning is spent figuring out how to navigate a very vertical metropolis as a little cat. The controls differ from a standard third-person adventure in that you can move around freely, but the jump button is contextual, so you can only jump when an X or ‘space’ appears on a ledge. It took some getting used to and it can be slow when your life is on the line during an action sequence but it also makes a lot of sense. Moving around in Stray frequently involves careful planning as you chart your path up or down a building or through a perilous path. It’s similar to watching a house cat carefully scale furniture and countertops in order to reach the top of a refrigerator.

Planning a route is important, but getting around also requires figuring out some typically simple environmental riddles. These can be as simple as tearing down a plank of wood to build a bridge, but they’re usually more complicated, requiring numerous phases that could require anything from fixing equipment to startling robots with a well-placed meow. On the controller or keyboard, there is a button designated for meowing only. This isn’t a pure action game where you can use a variety of skills. You don’t have a weapon except of a small portion of the game, thus your only real options are to move around via running, jumping, meowing, and doing other context-sensitive things like scratching doors or knocking things off of shelves.

If you want it to be, the experience is also full of calm moments. Stray allows you to spend your time being a cat. You can tear up carpets and couches, ruin an ongoing board game, or lie down on a snoozing bot for as long as you like. These activities are occasionally required to complete puzzles, but more often than not, they’re merely for fun and to get you in the kitty mindset.

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Source – The Verge

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