“Women, Life, Liberty”: 5 Ways We Can Support The Protesters in Iran

In September of 2022,  a 22 year old woman by the name of Mahsa Amini was arrested and said to be brutalized by Iranian authorities for improperly wearing her veil. After falling into a coma for several days, she passed away. Iranian authorities have denied the accusations of torture and brutalization.

Mahsa Amini’s death has since sparked outrage and protests have erupted to advocate for the rights and liberties of women and Iranian citizens. Today, an unidentified protester has been sentenced to death.

Here’s what you can do to support the protesters in Iran in 5 ways!

Make a Profile on Change.org

The most accessible way to act on your support for the human rights of protesters is to sign a petition. Change.org is a site that circulates petitions that any user anywhere can sign in the click of a button. Make a profile, click, and sign to your heart’s content. Your voice matters and this is the fastest way to assist in holding systemically oppressive powers responsible for the brutality of protesters.

Donate to Human Rights Watch and Follow The Issues

Human Rights Watch is an organization that works diligently to educate and alleviate some of the worlds most devastating crises. You can get involved via donating and also stay up-to-date on the latest news concerning what’s happening in Iran. The organization reports on all human rights issues while also providing context and opportunities to jump in to assist.

Donate to United For Iran or Become a Trustee

This is an organization whose mission is to protect and fight for the freedoms of Iranian citizens. According to their site:

“We are working to advance civil
liberties in Iran by advocating for
human rights, supporting civil
society, and engaging Iranians
through technology.”

You can assist by donating, participating in fundraising efforts or becoming a Trustee! In addition, you can stay up to date with discussions, current events, and ways to become an ally.

Get Involved at Center For Human Rights in Iran

CHRI is a nonpartizan organization that systemically works to protect the rights of people in Iran. You can keep up with the reports and statistics! CHRI provides detailed fact sheets and extends their advocacy internationally. You can donate on their homepage.

Donate or Volunteer for Amnesty International

Amnesty International, much like Human Rights Watch, is an organization that specializes in all issues negatively impacting the human race, from civil unrest, oppressive laws, and armed conflict, to climate change. If you want to get involved, you can donate to the organization and also look into becoming a part of their initiatives.

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