The benefits of 10,000 steps per day


Omega-3: What it can do for your health?If you’re not a sportive person, believe me, you have my sympathy. But 10,000 steps per day will change your life and your perspective of it.  


10,000 steps per day will help you:

  • to better sleep, especially if you struggle with insomnia. It has been shown that sun exposure increases the natural production of melatonin during the night, so it contributes to regulating hormonal balance. Taking a walk, especially first in the morning, will make you feel regenerated and energetic to face the entire day. If you don’t have enough time for a walk, having breakfast on your balcony would be a great idea too, especially in spring or summer.
  • to focus, which seems to be the lack number one of the 21st century. We are constantly distracted by something, especially by our smartphones and all the apps on them. Going for a goal, with a meaningful aim, means stopping scrolling or answer to calls and enjoying what is around you: the people, the sounds, the feelings. It is a sort of meditation when you must force yourself to stay focused and be present.
  • to think and to reason: during the day, we may feel stuck and one thing really useful could be to write down our thoughts and what matters to us. Then, the best thing to do is go out for a walk: it clears your mind, you are allowed to reflect on your own words, and you might consider looking at things from a different perspective.
  • To learn: put on your headphones, open up Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Storytelling and start to learn something: podcasts, books, news, TEDx talks. You could also consider starting learning a new language and a great way to do it is to listen to something in the original version. It will both increase your skills and your focus at the same time.
  • To be with yourself: you may consider walking with a friend or with your partner, but I highly recommend doing it by yourself. It should be a “me time” when each of us takes a little bit of time for ourselves. We are so used to being surrounded by people, we are not used to spending time alone because we are led to think that loneliness is not a good thing: a lot of people, for example, travel alone and they appreciate their time with themselves because they truly discover their personality, they challenge themselves and they understand their limits. 10,000 steps per day could become a beautiful journey too, even if it’s not in another part of the globe. Anyway, it is for free, so why not?

10,000 steps per day are about one hour and a half and it’s that time that you choose to dedicate to yourself, your health, and your thoughts. It is now time to stop always running for the others, that we give priority to our bodies and our minds. Life is a list of things that don’t matter, things that matter, and things that are really important and we usually tend to give our precious time to those things that don’t matter to us.

Let’s start with the little things: put your best sports shoes on and go out for a walk.

You’ll be happy and, if you have a dog, he’ll be too.

Hi there! My name is Alessandra, born in 1996, among the rolling hills of Tuscany (Italy). Reading and writing are my simple ways to escape from reality a little bit, along with a glass of good wine 🍷✍🏻

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