Continue to discover the Baltic Countries with Latvia. This country located between Estonia and Lithuania. For this reason, Latvia has a culture influenced by both Scandinavia and Soviet. Here is world of colorful and wooden houses which show us from medieval to neoclassical style architecture. Let’s look at capital of this beautiful and small country 😊


         Riga is capital of Latvia and its historic center is one of in the heritage list. House of the Black Heads is welcoming you in entrance of Historic center with fabulous arthitecture style. It includes from baroque to Dutch Renaissance façade style. St Peters Church is situated in righ side also. If you would like to time travel with different style of architecture, you will love Historic Centre of Riga and will catch harmony of romantic, gothic, ancient and modern inspirations with this place. Beside this , you can find bars, cafe and reastaurant easily and availbale prices while you’re discovering the centre.


  •     Three Brothers (Timeline between 15th – 18th centuries) 



        The oldest medieval dwelling houses in Mazā Pils. Reason of have been called Three Brothers is they had been built by three men of one family. First building in white one was built in late of 15th century and has Dutch architecture style but after restoration this style was combined with gothic. Second house in middle was built in 17th century and written “Soli deo gloria!” ( Glory to God alone!) in the above of entrance. Last house is the narrowest one and was built in late 17th century. Both for feeling vibes of medieval times and taking a good picture is one of the most beautiful place here. 


  • The Freedom Monument ( Feel strong) 

Symbol of Latvian nation’s struggle for independence and freedom. When I saw the first time this monument, it’s design looked to me so impressive and wanted to touch every cove of monument. Let’s look closer this monument and I would like to share meaning of every sculpture in so far as I learned 😊  

Sculptures are situated on four levels and show the different meaning to people about Latvian culture. The lowest level’s meaning is work ethics of nation, spiritual strength and struggle for independence.In the middle level show us nation’s ideas and willigness for freedom. At the top of the structure, a woman is holding three golden stars in her hand. These stars represent the unity of three different cultural regions of Latvia. This construction protects by two Guards of Honour but don’t afraid, they’re marching up and down in front of Monument. 


  • Bastejkalns Park ( Take a deep breath) 

Beside all historical breeze, you can enjoy fresh air where near is the Freedom Monument. You can do picnic in nature, walk between trees or rent a boat to discover more beautiful view and fun in river 😊   


  • Daugava Promenade ( River breeze) 

Let’s continue to chill places in Riga. Promenade is in the right side of Daugava River and has walking path, bench for watching beautiful sky and Railroad Bridge. Don’t forget to take coffee 😊  


  • Riga Central Market ( Local foods are here ) 

Near the bus terminal and raiway station that’s why if you use this transportation for arriving to Riga, after arrived or before left you can visit this the largest market in Eastern Europe. Here is local people selling everything form fruits to fish , you will find that much various products😊  



  • Important Note: 

     First go to Tourism Center and pick up a map show city’s infrastructure and all the famous  places and monuments around Riga. Distances are within the walking distance and can be reached easily. Also two days enough for visiting Riga, if you want to place for staying, you can check Ģenerāļa Radziņa krastmala area. 


                                                                                         – We will continue with Lithuania 🙂 



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