Yoga 101 : What is yoga?

What is yoga? The answer to these question and much more are in our content.


Yoga is an often misunderstood meditation. It is a very important and holistic exercise, not only for the serenity and peace of the soul, but also for physical health. Just as mental health is important for physical health, physical health is also important for mental health. It has been proven that yoga strengthens the muscles and is good for shortness of breath and heart ailments

What is yoga; The history of yoga is based on ancient people and is reflected in its benefits from the ritualistic period to the present. Coming from the Sanskrit word “Yuji”, yoga means unity and wholeness. This can be thought of as the unity of the body with the soul, because the overall aim of yoga is to increase body awareness through feeling exercise.

The majority of diseases are caused by living under stress. One of the most important means of combating stress is yoga. Thanks to yoga, we can reduce the existing stress load in our lives.

The benefits of yoga first begin with the obvious reduction in stress levels. As it is known, stimuli from the environment constantly ignite various circuits in the subconscious, causing mental states such as anxiety and nervousness. Doing calming activities such as yoga allows you to stay calmer in the face of the difficulties of daily life. (The One And Multible LBD)

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the first text in which the philosophy, theory and practice of yoga are systematically collected, has 8 chapters:

Yoga by Jared Rice

1. Yama: It includes complying with universal moral rules. It is the stage that advises to stay away from bad thoughts and behaviors and to control oneself.

2. Niyama: It involves having self-discipline. It advises purity, hard work and gratitude.

3.Asana: It is healthy sitting, posture and body exercises. In other words, it is the stage where the movements that come to your mind when you think of yoga.
4. Pranayama: Breath control and exercises. In other words, this is the part of the breathing exercises you do in yoga classes.
5. Pratyahara: It includes the control of emotions and sense organs. This stage is important for concentration.
6. Dharana: It is the stage that develops concentration on a particular idea.
7. Dhayana: It is the meditation stage.
8. Samadhi: It is the goal that is tried to be reached by meditation. It is the stage that includes keeping the mind and spirit awake while the body is resting, reaching inner reality and liberation, and in a sense, enlightenment.

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