5 Brilliant Songs from Euphoria

For the last few weeks, the TV series Euphoria has been a sensation everywhere, whether with its outfits or its storyline, which has been a total rollercoaster or with the songs we hear and love. The soundtrack plays a vital role in this show as the pieces match the scenes and the characters’ emotions. The show, in general, creates an intense aura supported by the songs it uses.


Labrinth is the first name that comes to mind when talking about Euphoria soundtracks. He has been producing pieces for the series from the very beginning of season 1. Many other artists have been making songs exclusively for the series. And here are 5 of the fantastic songs from Euphoria.


  1. All for Us by Labrinth, Zendaya

This song is heard at the end of the season 1 finale, where the main character Rue relapses. The lyrics perfectly fit the scene where she stumbles around and talks about her family. This song is on top of our list because Zendaya, starring actress, the main character, is singing in the episode.


  1. Watercolor Eyes by Lana Del Rey

A very recent release from the widely loved and listened artist is getting as much attention as the show itself. The genre and style of Lana Del Rey fit the intense aura. Even though the song is used at the end credits of the third episode of the second season.


  1. Still Don’t Know My Name by Labrinth

Similar to other songs of Euphoria, this one is also filled with indications to the storyline. The title itself is about how the characters don’t know the true identities of their partners, friends, etc. Another beautifully written piece from Labrinth.


  1. Lo Vas A Olvidar by Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA

This particular song was made for the second Special Episode of Euphoria, which focused on Jules, one of the other main characters and the lover of Rue. In the first verse, the artists say, “What will you do with all this poison? Nothing good”[1]. In the scene it is used, Jules talks about Rue’s potential of relapsing, and this lyric is a direct pointer to Rue’s addiction.


  1. Mount Everest by Labrinth

Although this song was not made for the show, it is essential for this list. While this song can be interpreted in different ways, in the context of Euphoria, it talks about again Rue’s addiction and almost rationalizes it. A perfect piece for Rue’s storyline.


An Honorable Mention…


Rue by Girl in Red

It takes place in the list as a beautiful piece inspired by the show without taking place in the series. And again, the lyrics talk about Rue’s addiction and the struggle she goes through.


[1] This is a translation taken from: https://genius.com/Genius-english-translations-billie-eilish-and-rosalia-lo-vas-a-olvidar-english-translation-lyrics

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