Digital Transformation and the future of Art

Something truly amazing has happened in the past few days.

Have you ever heard about KAWS? Brian Donnely better known as KAWS is an American artist and a designer most famous for making art in 2D and in 3D. His work is usually covered with colorful and lined structures giving a bit of edge, with premis in distinctive graphic features influenced by cartoon culture figures such as Smurfs, Snoopy, SpongeBob and others.And all of that while playing with shapes and sizes as part of his mastery in art. His painting “The Kaws Album” was sold in Hong Kong for a generous 14.7 million dollars which was at that time recorded as an auction record.

Now, try to imagine an artist like this in symbiosis with a globally famous video game ? You heard me. KAWS exhibition was hosted inside Fortnine, a video game recognized by masses.

Fortnite and KAWS joined forces in creating  visual and virtual representation of Serpentine London gallery filled with artists magnificent work.This interesting metaverse experience will be available until 27th February, where people will be able to see in augmented reality digital art exhibition  named “New Fiction” and  enter the game thus enjoying art  as a Fortnite player. This will enable KAWS not to only be limited by space as we know how many restrictions everyone encountered during the Covid 19 crisis. This allows artists to reach millions of people worldwide and connect to them by introducing their creations. Not only that, but this is one step closer to the future of Art. Many users can enjoy the creative mode in the game and experience what it has to offer, whether that is a concert performed by Ariana Grande, Travis Scott or a art gallery experience observing fine art brought by your favorite artist.

Now, this is not the first time KAWS paired up with Fortnite as the game enabled players to see the outfits designed by him and the different features and themes enabling to combine fashion, art and finally the completion of a game feature..

Also, with the app you are given a chance to see more of the artistic form by using your phone to encounter new pieces of art whether above you, near you or in any space nearby.

It’s interesting to follow the development of this new art evolution. But a few questions will remain such as, will this take off in the future, what will that mean for other artists and will this form a new wave in this world we live in by acknowledging that  this is the new revolution of art?

I am personally excited and hopefully we will be given an answer in the future. For now, I suggest you all check it out and enjoy it !




THE QUICHE LORRAINE: who, when, where, what, why, how?

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