Guide to Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Negative Energies

Nicola Tesla said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Energy is the capacity of a system to do work, it is spread through vibrations. Frequency is the number of vibrations per unit time and is measured in hertz (Hz). As for thinking in this way to understand the secrets, let us remember Einstein’s words: “We have all been wrong about matter. What we call matter is actually energy. Energy whose vibration has been reduced to such a degree that it can be perceived by the senses. There is no such thing as matter.”

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Everything, including matter, is basically vibrating energy waves.

Everything you can think of; objects, places, cities, trees, oceans, mountains, people and even stones are all energy. The electromagnetic field surrounding people, plants, animals, living and non-living things, the aura, can now be photographed. In 1939, a Russian technician named Simon Kirlian observed a light emitted from his fingers when exposed to a photographic plate operating in a high-voltage field and invented the Kirlian Camera to photograph this light.

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Dr David Hawkins, an American scientist, found a way to test the sound, light and electromagnetic waves emitted from the morphogenetic field of the human heart when thinking, feeling or creating. He played a role in advancing the science of kinesiology by creating a logarithmic scale (from 0-1,000) called the “Hawkins Consciousness Scale”.

In the next image, you can read the map of consciousness through emotion frequency measurements. The laboratory study revealed the fact that the human population is registered on a scale of 200 or lower. This means that most of us are stuck at an energy-consuming level of development.

So 85 per cent of us operate from a foundation of guilt, shame, blame, fear and anger mentality. To summarise, as humanity, we are low on energy.

Emotions, thoughts and deeply rooted beliefs are embedded in our bodies and determine our electromagnetic signature. It used to be thought that the brain does not change. However, today science says that the brain can change. Neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to reorganise itself by establishing new neural connections throughout its life, has revealed with new findings that the connections between neurons change with behaviour and new neural networks can be established.

This means that we can change our emotions and thoughts (our electromagnetic signature), and by increasing our frequency, we can transition from low frequency to high frequency, to a more conscious reality.

Emotion diary and average frequency determination exercise

Keep an emotion diary and ask yourself every two hours, “What am I feeling right now?” At the end of the day you can calculate your average frequency on the consciousness map.

Energetic purification

Energetic purification allows us to balance our system by raising the energy and to harmonise with the universal frequency. After energetic purification, we feel light and relaxed. If you feel reluctant, tired, depressed, tense, anxious, inert, restless, disorganised, angry, deadlocked, you are in particular need of energetic cleansing.

Get rid of all negative energies in a short time

If you are faced with questions like “But you have been practising yoga for five years, why do you still get angry?”, you can answer “Because I am human”. Long-term energetic purification is called “burning karma” in yoga language. We cannot get rid of the traces of the ancient past and our ancestral genes in an instant. We need to remember that this is a process and we need to be patient.

Yoga and meditation retreats, family sequencing, regression therapy, regular meetings with a good psychologist, one-on-one work with masters, daily practices of whichever ancient teaching you are travelling through, self-knowledge and many other methods raise consciousness and purify energy, enabling liberation from these deep traces over time. In addition to all these studies, we can list what we can do for energy cleansing as follows:

Clean your physical space

The energy of the space where you work and live also affects your energy. Get rid of unnecessary items and clothes. Take care to be in clean, collective and airy spaces. Use the right light. Frequently fumigate your space with sage, laurel and natural incense. Light candles. Plants also clear the energy.

Make use of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a healing science thousands of years old, especially in Ayurveda. From eucalyptus oil for breathing, lavender for sleeping soundly, citrus to boost your energy, bitter peppermint oil to strengthen your digestion and rub your temples when you have a headache, rosemary to strengthen your immunity and rose oil to make your skin glow, you can create a small side-effect-free medicine cabinet in your home.

Use natural stones

From quartz to selenite, from amethyst to amber, from pyrite to jade, from amethyst to amber, from pyrite to jade, all natural stones have been used as healing for centuries and have healing effects on focus, calmness and spiritual imbalance.


Spend time in nature

According to a study conducted at the University of Exeter in England, people living near trees and greenery are less prone to anxiety and depression, and their mental health lasts longer than the short-term happiness brought by happy news such as marriage or getting a raise.

Don’t skimp on spiritual routines

Make yoga, breathing, meditation, mantra, mudra, energy work and techniques that are good for you part of your daily routine.

Heal with sound and music

Sound healing therapy, which has been used since ancient times, can treat mental, physical and spiritual illnesses. In addition, if the music you listen to is at the right frequency, it has an energy purifying effect.

Exercise, dance, movement

We all know the importance of regular movement. Dance and movement are now also used psychotherapeutically to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration to improve health. You can also look into art therapies.

Be selective about the people around you and the topics you talk about
Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Remember that complaining, talking about problems and gossiping also reduce life energy.

Eat a healthy diet

Most of us now know that a diet of dark greens, seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains and pulses has an impact on our life energy.

Practise self-compassion and gratitude
Kristin Neff, a scientist who conducts scientific research on self-compassion, says that self-compassion reduces stress, lowers depression and anxiety levels, and increases happiness. In addition, according to research, focusing on gratitude significantly affects overall quality of life and happiness.


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