Nails, nails, nails – history and the best trends

Get your nails done or get your hair done? Or maybe lashes if that’s your thing too. If you were to choose just one of them, what would it be? I know, I know. It’s an extremely hard situation. For the record, let’s pretend you picked nails. To be clear, the others aren’t invalidated. We just want to focus on the nails for now.

Each of those topics are equally relaxing and stressful. It is so satisfying to be in a salon, enjoying a manicure, but it can be annoying to think that you have to go once in 3-4 weeks. These can be considered high maintenance, still there’s no such feeling comparable with “after nails” sensation. You feel like you’re all brand new, not just your nails. It’s a little refresh in your look that makes perfect sense anyway, anytime. Not a really big change but a significant one though.



Let’s start with the basics, shall we? And by basics, I mean nail polish, the first product that appeared in this beauty area. Just as makeup in general, nail polish was used to differentiate the people. The elite of China from more than 5000 years ago, used nail polish to express its power over the other citizens. The wealthy part of the society wore luxuriant colors such as red or gold and the common ones were left with nude or bright, plain tones. Or nothing at all usually.

The painting techniques and the formula of nail polish have been improved ever since they were created. The most genius innovation was created by a dentist in the ’50.  As surprising as it sounds, this man invented for real an artificial nail to replace one that he broke at work. That’s how fake nails started.

But the best version of manicure, the one that includes gel nails, appeared in ’80. It didn’t succeed back then but after some formula modification it became the most used product. Ever since, the industry has gained more and more nail techs and clients.

Well, about the most desired nails, the tastes are different based on the style that a person is adopting. Fortunately, nails can be done in every way possible, with every color, every model, or every shape.

With a little glance on Pinterest, you will see the trends that are on another level of popularity lately. Apparently, pearlcore will be the thing of 2022 and because of that the nail trends oscillate around this topic too.


That means pale-colored nails, pastels, marble, and everything related with the softness and elegance of a pearl. More than that, it seems like the shapes that go well with this kind of style are stiletto, ballerina and almond shape. The longer the better, to make your hands look more delicate and special.

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