Hippie culture – the best impact of bohemian lifestyle

Hippie culture has a lot to do with our life right now. In the context of the latest tragic event, the brutal military operation from Ukraine, we see all over social media the powerful slogan “Make love, not war”. The meaning underneath it is just as obvious as it’s subtle. On the first look it doesn’t make sense but if you take a moment to absorb the information, this conclusion comes naturally.

What do I want to say by that? Well, for each and every one of us this phrase can describe something else. You should create life, not destroy it. You should share feelings that bring peace, not create an environment that slay them. The list could go on and on. Beside the different interpretations of this quote, the general sensation remains hope. Hope is the only thing that can eliminate fear. Hope is the only thing that can eliminate the chaotic terror. So, it’s always about the biblical oppositions: hope versus fear, light versus darkness, life versus death and finally, love versus war.

With all the poetical but, at the same time, real stuff, maybe you need a little bit background. Where did it start? Who came with this saying?

To be more specific, this motto gained a lot of representation and became admired through hippie culture. The 70’s most common lifestyle was all about peace, freedom and unconventionality. This trend began in America among College students from campuses. The movement was inspired by the original bohemians that were nomads, refugees from Europe.

The hole concept includes a good relationship with nature, yourself, and the others. Hippie communities were usually a group of pacifists that enjoyed their lack of restrictions on a high level. Artistic aspects were an essential part. Everyone either played music or maybe created poetry. The vibe intended to recreate a tiny paradise on earth. With a little chemical help in some cases.

Anyway, as any other lifestyle, hippie lifestyle should have matched with a specific fashion style. Loose clothes with floral prints, fringe clothing, wide-legged jeans, soft and shier materials were a must. The hairstyle was always a messy yet good looking beauty feature. The braids were an absolute must. Boys would get enough confidence to let their hair long. Growing their beards was a deal as well. That helped them to complete the look.

This culture has been a dose of must needed calmness that will always be associated with the symbols of peace. They taught us to create, not to demolish. Make love, not war!



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