Let’s talk about who we are, what we are living in the last few days. I thought many times about how I can start the word but noticed that no words in any language don’t enough to describe my feeling. Before the date of 24.02.2022, I’ve started to write about the digitalization world but I canceled because first, we must be able to live in this real world in peace. 

Here is a beautiful world, a place where many kind-hearted people, dreamy children, colorful plants, and innocent animals live. Also very big and enough to live together in peace and happiness with natural beauties of all countries. Let’s enjoy the sun on Turkish beaches, feel like in a Hollywood movie in New York, fall in love in Paris, do the Sirtaki in Greece, be fresh in the forest of Lithuania, stay in Bali, eat pizza and pasta in Italy, get drunk with people we just met there, and there is so much more we can do in many parts of the world.

I can take your picture, 3 2 1 SMILE!! No tears, no bombing voice, no power, no interest… Smile, laughter, and humanity. We’re human, we’re a whole that’s why feel together. We deserve beautiful things in the real world. 


Philosophy of Being Human  

 Let’s accept that if we can be happy and enjoy ourselves together, will catch real happiness. Because even the sadness of one person causes that person brings sadness to the world.

How can we describe human? In dictionary says; a man, woman, child or as opposed to god, and animals. So are we? It’s not that simple to describe us. The most complicating creature in this world we are. Our feelings, brain working, passion, obsessed and more things we have. I can describe a human as having the ability to think but under the control of ambition, not satisfied with something had and trying to catch happiness without seeing anything. Most of us very fit for this description -it’s valid for who is foreign with humanity-  

Do you remember the last time you felt sad for someone you don’t know? And what did you do after feeling sad? Going to bed to start a new busy day, having a dinner, shortly keeping continue life? Of course, life is flowing. Time never stops even when someone’s died because of one person’s interest.  

I know, life has to continue but we can change life flow. We’re stronger than any attacks if we feel each other from everywhere and try to do something besides continue to our lives. If something is wrong or happens badly, we can’t ignore it. We should show our reaction while continuing our lives.  

We’re human as much can feel others’ pain, happiness, hunger, and more. 

Time to Remember We Have Conscience 

Now it’s not the time to go space, to talk about metaverse or crypto. Time to remember our humanity, conscience and to support those who live in bad conditions. Doesn’t matter your language, nationality, or where you’re because emotions are universal.  

Let’s go deep divine of our inside, I know you would like to run away from your deep but to remember ourselves, we have to do. All of us have ambition, power, happiness, sadness, madness and besides these many problems we couldn’t figure out from the past. These things are very normal to be human but we should care about them at some points. Firstly, never let your ambition, anger take possession of you. Ambition is good for moving yourself to do good things but if you’re full of ambition, you’ll attack everywhere and every single person and your eyes never see anything. Full of anger doesn’t give you a solution, bring just trouble and pain. Problems from the past want to be forgiven and give your lessons. When you learned these, will remember your old friend is conscience –here is and we’re the strongest human with our conscience.  

Skip blockchain for crypto now, create a chain of humanity. Let’s be part of this chain. 

And One More Thing, 

We can’t change history and we’re not responsible for governments’ attacks but contrast their cruels, we have humanity and good feelings. Hug to each other without being any nationality with our good feelings. We’re humans, not enemies, we all want to be alive and we deserve it.  



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